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Eagle Poem Selections

On Saturday, October 13, 2001, Rick Bragga and his wife, Debbie, were in attendance at a dedication ceremony of an Eagle Scout brick plaza at Camp T. Brady Saunders in the Heart of Virginia Council.

Reflecting on that day, Rick said, "Deputy Scout Executive, Terry Coffman spoke that day and something he stated started an avalanche of creative thought. It began as hastily scribbled notes on the printed program that day, got put away for a couple of years and then resurrected. After a dozen revisions, Eternal Flight now reflects what being an Eagle Scout means to me."

Having a desire to share his poem with others but also for a larger more meaningful purpose, Rick has made it possible for all proceeds from the items listed below to be used to generate additional support for Eagle Scout scholarships through NESA.

We hope you enjoy Eternal Flight and share this link with others so that more deserving Eagle Scouts can pursue advanced educational opportunities.



• Great gift for Eagle Courts of Honor
• Special anytime recognition for Eagle Scouts
• Display at camp or meeting site to raise sights of prospective Eagles
• $15 each or 10 for $125 (shipping included)

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• All the same uses as 8x10 above
• Uniquely horizontal and larger to highlight the words and picture
• Or, for an even more significant or special presentation

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• Wallet card
• Bookmark
• Less expensive alternative for larger groups of Eagles
• $5 each (shipping included)
• Pack of 10 for $30; Pack of 50 for $125

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• With photos and a narration by the author
• Dramatic opening or closing program (under 3 minutes) for any Scouting program including FOS events, Courts of Honor, etc.
• $10 each, bundle pricing available.

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Rick Bragga is a Distinguished Eagle Scout and the BSA Alumnus of the Year in 2014. He is a member of the executive board of the Heart of Virginia Council and has been a national-level Scouting volunteer for more than a decade. He has served on the national Cub Scout Committee, was the chairman of the Development and Corporate Alliance Committee, is a vice president of the National Eagle Scout Association, is the chairman of the National Scouting Museum Committee and member of the National Advisory Council. Professionally, he is the president of Philanthropy1, a strategic planning and fundraising consulting firm.