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NESA Establishes New Affinity Group

The National Eagle Scout Association has established a new affinity group for professional and volunteer firefighters.

It is estimated that close to 10 percent of all firefighters are Eagle Scouts. Such statistics show us that the Scouting program often strikes a personal chord with many firefighters. “Many of us in the fire service are excited about this partnership with NESA,” stated lifetime NESA member and career firefighter Lou Paulson. “This group will identify Eagles in the fire service and bring them together under the wings of NESA. I know so many Eagles who want to help give back to Scouting, and NESA will provide them that pathway.”

Firefighters often have a very strong attachment to their helmets, and placing decals on their helmets signifies mementos of importance. For that reason, the NESA brand will be used on a decal that will be made available to all professional and volunteer firefighters who are Eagle Scouts and are current or new members of NESA.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, professional firefighters protect about 62 percent of the United States’ population. (The remaining 38 percent are served by volunteer fire departments.) There are more than 1 million volunteer and professional firefighters in the U.S. It is very common to find Eagle Scouts who are upholding the point of the Scout Law that “a Scout is brave” in fire stations throughout the country.

To order a helmet decal with the NESA Firefighter logo, send your name and address to NESA@Scouting.org with the SUBJECT: NESA Firefighter DECAL

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