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NESA Frequently Asked Questions


What is NESA?
The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is an alumni association for Eagle Scouts of all ages. Members receive a membership packet and four issues of Eagles’ Call magazine each year. NESA membership fees help fund the NESA scholarship program, which awards over 200 scholarships to Eagle Scouts each year. Membership is a great way for alumni to stay in touch with fellow Eagle Scouts around the world and mentor the next generation of Scouts who aspire to reach Scouting’s highest rank.

Does NESA handle Eagle Scout Advancement questions?
No. NESA is an alumni association of Eagle Scouts. Eagle Scout advancement issues are handled by the Youth Development Department. All questions concerning merit badges, Eagle projects, alternate requirements, or extensions should be directed to the Youth Development Department at 972-580-2034.

How do I order a duplicate Eagle certificate or pocket ID card?
Duplicate Eagle Scout credentials may be ordered online at http://www.awardreplacements.kintera.org/bsa.

Can I get a roster of Eagle Scouts from my troop?
Troop rosters are available through your local council service center. This is part of their daily duties to assist local troops. NESA cannot distribute this information as it is considered confidential information. The council will determine who should have access to their troop records.


How much does it cost to join NESA?

New members
Life membership $250
Five-year membership $35
Special membership $20 (must apply within six months of the board of review – membership good till the applicant’s 23rd birthday)

Renewing members
Current five-year members may upgrade to life for $230

Can I purchase a membership over the phone?
No. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires that we follow strict guidelines in order to remain PCI compliant. That means we cannot have access to your credit card information. All credit card payments must be submitted online. Anyone wanting to purchase a NESA membership for themselves or as a gift for someone else must mail in a check or apply online at http://bsa.kintera.org/NESAMembership.

How long does it take to process a membership?
NESA memberships are usually processed within four to six weeks from the date they were received. Our staffers must verify that each applicant is an Eagle Scout before processing the membership. Some of these records are in database, books, and microfilm, and we may fall weeks behind during membership drives and seasonal projects. Feel free to contact us at nesa@scouting.org if you have questions or feel that your membership is long overdue.

Do you offer rush processing? I want to present the certificate at a court of honor next week.
NESA offers rush processing for $40. This fee includes $15 for overnight shipping, and $25 to pull the application out of order and process it ahead of hundreds of other applications that were received before it. This rush fee can be added to the membership check, or added to online orders by clicking the appropriate radio button on the membership form.

How can I purchase a NESA life knot?
NESA life member square knots can be purchased at your local Scout Shop by presenting proof of membership with a plastic ID card or wall certificate. Ask for Item No. 18092. The order form for duplicate NESA credentials can be found at http://www.nesa.org/PDF/58-600.pdf.

I submitted an application for NESA several days ago/weeks ago, but my credit card hasn’t been charged yet. Can you verify that you received it?
Our system was designed to store credit card information till NESA staffers can verify that the applicant is an Eagle Scout. Once verified, we manually approve the charge. Verification may take weeks as these records are spread over books, microfilm, and computer. This is how we may fall weeks behind despite using an “instant” electronic submission process.

How do I order duplicate NESA credentials?
Duplicate NESA credentials should be ordered using check and the duplicate credentials form at http://www.nesa.org/PDF/542-600_WB.pdf.

Duplicate Eagle credentials can be purchased online at http://www.awardreplacements.kintera.org/bsa.


How do you get a subscription to Eagles’ Call magazine?
NESA members automatically receive Eagles' Call magazine as part of their membership, but the magazine is now available to everyone. A one-year subscription (four issues) is just $10. Call 1-866-584-6589 or visit nesa.org/subscribe to subscribe.

What happened to Eagle Scout Magazine?
In fall 2013, Eagle Scout Magazine was renamed Eagles’ Call to indicate the new publishing format. The Eagletter was first printed as a two-sided newsletter in 1972 and renamed Eagle Scout Magazine in 2009. Since 1972, NESA has added over two dozen pages of articles and member submissions, and graduated from a two-page newsletter to a 28-page, full-color magazine celebrating the achievements of Eagle Scouts past and present from around the world.

To view past issues of the Eagletter/Eagle Scout Magazine, visit http://www.nesa.org/eagleletter.html.

How can I change my address?
Please call 1-866-584-6589 or use this form to submit your address change.

How do I submit a photo to Eagles’ Call for publication?
Please visit our online submission page at http://www.nesa.org/eagle_mag_sub.html for submission guidelines.

Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we regret that we cannot print all submissions.

Do you accept story ideas?
Yes. Please send your phone number and a synopsis of the article to eaglescoutmag@scouting.org for our editor’s review. If interested, we will contact you for additional information.

I submitted information for publication and it didn’t appear in the magazine. Why didn’t you print it?
Please email eaglescoutmag@scouting.org if you feel your submission is long overdue for publication and we will make every attempt to give you the status of your submission.

I have a membership, but I haven’t received an issue of the magazine in years. Why not?
This is usually caused by one of two reasons:
1) You have moved and need to update your address in our database. Please contact us by calling 1-866-584-6589 or use this form to submit your address change.
2) Your membership has expired. Since many memberships are gift memberships, or were purchased years ago, members often don’t remember which membership was purchased or when it expires. Please contact us at nesa@scouting.org to check on your membership status. Send all available information to help us find your record in the database, including your Eagle date, troop number, and any previous addresses. If you still have an old issue of the magazine, include the member number above your name on the address label.

Can I request additional copies of the magazine?
Please send your requests to eaglescoutmag@scouting.org. Include your mailing address and the number of copies you’re requesting. Allow two weeks for delivery. NESA also provides copies for promotional use to councils and at other Scouting events. Send these requests to the same email address with the number of copies you’re requesting, the date of the event, and the recipient’s name and shipping address.


How many scholarships does NESA offer?
NESA offers two basic scholarships: 1) academic scholarships based on grades, financial need, and Scouting and school participation, and 2) merit scholarships based on school and Scouting participation and community service. In 2013, NESA awarded 218 scholarships worth $594,000.

When can I fill out a scholarship application?
Applications are posted on NESA.org on October 1 each year. The deadline for submissions is December 31 each year. Recipients are notified in mid-June the next year.

I missed the submission deadline. Can I get an extension?
No, but you can apply for the merit scholarship every year up till your junior year in college. NESA does not grant extensions for any reason. The submission deadline is December 31 each year. We must set a deadline in order for the scholarships to move to the next stage of scoring.

Do you offer scholarships to graduate schools?
Not at this time.

Do you have any restrictions as to where the scholarship monies can be paid?
NESA scholarships cannot be paid to anyone attending a trade school, two-year college, or any of the U.S. military academies, as the expenses at these institutions are already covered by the U.S. Government.


What is the DESA?
The DESA is a national award recognizing Eagle Scouts for achievements at the national level in their career or hobby-related field. All nominees must be an Eagle Scout for at least 25 years. Additionally, each nominee should have a lifetime record of volunteer service.

What is the process for submitting a nomination?
Nominations must be submitted by the council NESA committee only. Individuals may not submit a nomination directly to the national office. The nomination form should be accompanied by documentation detailing the nominee’s national achievements in his field and a record of his community service. This can be mailed or emailed to NESA, but it must be submitted by the council or NESA committee representative only.

How is the DESA approved?
The DESA committee is made up of seven volunteer DESA recipients from around the country. Nominations are submitted electronically to the members and they have two weeks to return their vote to NESA. A NESA staffer will collect the votes and notify the council of their decision. The vote must be a majority decision and does not need to be unanimous.

How can I ensure the nomination will be approved?
The DESA is a national award requiring national distinction in the nominee’s field. Nominations that do not present proof of national distinction are denied. In some cases the council may choose to grant the NOESA instead. Due to the variety of professionals who are nominated, there are a variety of ways the nominee might receive national recognition in his field. For example: doctors might hold positions on national medical boards, receive national awards from their peers, pioneer medical techniques that become an industry standard, or make a discovery that leads to advances in medicine. NESA created the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award in 2011 to recognize Eagle Scouts for accomplishments at the local, state, and regional level; therefore, DESA nominations should provide recognition beyond the state and regional level or the DESA committee will deny and recommend granting the NOESA instead.

How long does it take to approve a DESA nomination?
NESA recommends waiting at least a month before inquiring. DESA nominations are submitted to the committee about once a month and the voters are given two weeks to respond.

What does NESA provide as part of the approval?
Councils may purchase recognition items through NESA, including a wall plaque, presentation kit, and device. These items must be ordered through NESA as these are restricted items and Supply needs verification that each award has been approved by the national office.

When and how should a DESA be presented?
The award may be presented by the recipient’s council, the recipient’s colleagues, or both. The recipient should be consulted and given the chance to invite the people he wishes to share the occasion with. The timing should also be set by the recipient as these men are not aware of their nomination and they may not desire a public presentation, or they may desire to put it off for an extended period due to previous obligations.

How can I get a list of DESA recipients from my council?
NESA posts an updated list of DESA recipients at http://www.nesa.org/xls/Master_DESA_list.xls. This is a sortable Excel file that will allow recipients to be sorted by name, council, board of review date, and approval year. Additional information is considered confidential and must be requested by the council only.

The list is updated once a year, as NESA does not know whether these men have been notified of their selection. We do not want to publicize that information before the council has had a chance to make the announcement.


What are the requirements for earning the NOESA?
The NOESA is approved by the local council and submitted to national for final approval. The nominee must be an Eagle Scout, the council must have a NESA committee on file at the national office, and the council must have the quota available to grant the award. There is no age limit to earn the NOESA. The NOESA may not be granted posthumously.

Is there an age limit to earning the NOESA?
No. Unlike the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, which requires that the nominee be an Eagle Scout for 25 years, the NOESA has no age limit. This allows councils to recognize Eagle Scouts at the peak of their notoriety, rather than waiting years to recognize accomplishments.

How many NOESAs can our council award in a year?
Each council may award at least two NOESAs starting in 2014. All councils that awarded 0 – 99 Eagle ranks in the previous year may award two NOESAs and add an additional selection for every 100 Eagles beyond 99. The council would receive three nominations for awarding 100 – 199 Eagle ranks in the previous year, four nominations for awarding 200 – 299 Eagle ranks in the previous year, five nominations for awarding 300 – 399 Eagles in the previous year, and so on.

How long does it take to receive the presentation items?
NESA suggests allowing about four weeks to process these nominations. This is one of many awards we process and our three staffers may fall weeks behind during membership drives, scholarship season, and other national projects.

What does NESA provide as part of the approval?
NESA provides an 8” x 10” certificate and a lapel pin/device. There is no NOESA knot. The pin may be used as a lapel pin or device depending on the recipient’s attire and the occasion (Scouting event/work-related/etc.).

How can I get a list of NOESA recipients from my council?
NESA posts a sortable list of NOESA recipients at http://www.nesa.org/xls/Master_NOESA_list.xls. This list is updated annually due to the fact that NESA does not know when these recipients will be notified and we do not want to spoil the council’s plans for a surprise presentation.


What is the Adams Eagle project of the year award?
In 2009, the NESA Committee created a new award to recognize Eagle Scout service projects at the local, regional, and national level. The award was named in honor of NESA president Glenn Adams. Each council selects a council representative and forwards the submission to the national office. Regional committees will review the submissions from their region, then the national committee will select the national winner from the four regional finalists.

How do I submit an application for the Adams award?
All submissions must be made to the local council. Scouts should not submit these directly to the national office, as the honor of selecting a council representative goes to the local council. Please contact your council and ask to speak to the NESA committee staff adviser for local council submission guidelines.

How does my council select a winner?
Each council sets their own criteria. Some councils select winners based on the amount of work that went into a project, while others are looking for the project that stirs the emotions. This is the council’s responsibility and the national office will not overrule their decision.

How does my council submit our winner to the national office?
Each council must submit an electronic copy of the winning packet to adamsaward@scouting.org. These submissions are sent to the regional committees electronically. Therefore, we require that the submissions be scanned and submitted electronically because NESA does not have the resources to scan hundreds of submissions (some containing hundreds of pages and photos each).

When are the recipients notified?
NESA notifies the council in mid-May. We do not contact the Scouts directly, as most councils prefer to make an official announcement locally.

My council does not have a NESA committee and/or does not plan to utilize the award locally. Is there a way that I can submit it to national without their approval?
Unfortunately, no. NESA cannot force councils to grant NESA awards. In 2013, only 104 out of 285 councils around the country submitted a council winner to the national office. If a council decides not to submit a local winner, then no one from that council will be recognized.

Can we get the council winner’s device before the national and regional winners are selected in May?
NESA asks that all councils wait to receive the recognition items in mid-May when the national committee has made its decision. NESA cannot mail out awards before they have been selected. Councils are free to recognize the Scout locally with a specially made gift or certificate.