Organizational structure of the National Eagle Scout Association

To climb great heights one needs to have a solid structure…​

The National Eagle Scout Association has five organizational levels: national, regional, area, council, and district.

All levels are comprised to assist Eagle Scouts in their individual pursuits (whether they be social or vocational) and help Eagle Scouts support Scouting through their resources and advocacy.

National NESA committee

At the national level, the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is led by the national NESA committee. The national committee is organized into sub-committees that provide direction to the national programs of the NESA, coordinate national alumni events and initiatives, and broadly manage the association.

National committee roles include the following: the national chair, who is selected and confirmed by the Boy Scouts of America national president; the four regional chairs appointed and confirmed by their respective regions; other voting NESA national committee members, appointed by the chairman and confirmed by the committee; additional non-voting NESA key volunteers, appointed by NESA vice-chairs for service on their respective committees and confirmed by the NESA national committee; the director and associate director of the NESA, and three administrative staff.

Regional/Area NESA committees

The National Eagle Scout Association, like the Boy Scouts of America, is organized into four geographical regions:

  • Central
  • Northeast
  • Southern
  • Western

Each region is led by a regional NESA chair appointed by the regional nominating committee. The chair reports to the National Eagle Scout Association Chairman. The regional NESA committee consists of each area chair and other key volunteers as determined by the regional chair.

The region and area leadership help execute the national program on a more local level, ensure all councils in the region have an active NESA committee, provide resources, and facilitate communication between the local councils and the national NESA committee.

Council/District NESA committees

NESA has many programs for Eagle Scouts around the country such as:

  • social activities:
  • business networking
  • mentoring
  • recognition event
  • community service opportunities

These programs are organized by local council and district NESA committees and led by their respective NESA chair.

The Boy Scouts of America believe that alumni provide the greatest resource to ensuring Scouting remains strong for future generations. Therefore, most council and district NESA chairs are members of their respective council executive boards and district committees. You can reach out to your local NESA committee by simply entering your zip code below to find your local council’s contact information and requesting to speak with the local NESA committee representative.

We want to thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming activities. Click below to find your local council and where you can get involved!