NESA Honor Patrol


To reach out to Scouting Alumni and Eagle Scouts, new and old. The Three Harbors Alumni Committee established a NESA Honor Patrol to honor new Eagle Scouts at their Court of Honor or other function of their choosing. This serves several critical needs. First and foremost it keeps our NESA Members involved. Second, it gives all Eagle Scouts the information that a membership in NESA offers. Furthermore, it allows for all Parents and guests to realize that scouting is a Lifetime Commitment!


  • Appealing to the Alumni NESA Committee to establish enough volunteers to keep the program active.
  • Selling the program to new Eagle Scouts and their Scoutmasters.
  • Allowing the parents and Scoutmasters to understand the program through Roundtables and District Events.
  • Establish a flier to allow for basic NESA Honor Patrol program information and contact information.
  • After being contacted by interested parents of the new Eagle Scout, develop and send information to allow the parents to understand what is expected of them for a successful Honor Patrol at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor.
  • Establishing the Honor Patrol participants in a timely manner.
  • Establish the presentation format and send it to the parents or Scout Master for their placement in the Eagle Scout Court of Honor several weeks in advance. This is also sent to the volunteer NESA Honor Patrol Members.


Event planning

  • Once contacted by an interested parent for our participation at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Emails are sent out to NESA Honor Patrol Members to allow for three NESA Honor Patrol Members to participate in the planned Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The usual group of NESA Members is three participants for the presentation. Some presentations have been done with less and some with more. The Honor Patrol participants are selected to diversify the Honor Patrol. Honor Patrol participants take turns so it does not become a burden.
  • The Presentation is developed to include all information that is necessary to make a successful presentation. The presentation is sent to the parents for their placement into their Eagle Scout Court of Honor as they see fit.
  • An email is sent to see if the parents have any questions and if they have received the NESA Certificate, NESA Pin and NESA Membership Card. A request is made to note how they would like their son’s name to appear on the Three Harbors Council NESA Committee Certificate.
  • A Three Harbors Council NESA Committee Certificate is made up and signed by The Three Harbors NESA Committee Chairman.
  • A Purchase of a NESA Neckerchief and Eagle Slide is made for the convenience of the parents honoring their son for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. This helps insure that these items will be there for the presentation.

Program Development

  • Develop a listing of willing NESA Members.
  • Develop a flier for advertising the program.
  • Emphasize that the program is strictly voluntary and will be by their prerogative only.
  • An informational document needs to be developed to allow parents what is expected of them to have a successful Honor Patrol program.
  • Develop a presentation format to allow the parents what the Honor Patrol program is and how they will be able to utilize the Honor Patrol Presentation.
  • A Council NESA Certificate needs to be developed.

The event

  • A copy of the presentation needs to be printed and brought to the Eagle Scout Court of Honor. For the convenience of the Honor Patrol Members.
  • Honor Patrols that have taken place have been for as many as 3 new Eagle Scouts and usually for one.


The NESA Honor Patrol is not solicited. A decision was made by the Three Harbors Council NESA Committee to utilize the NESA Neckerchief and Eagle Slide as a signifier of the NESA Honor Patrol and utilize this as their participation in the NESA Brotherhood.

The events have filled the locations that have been selected. This allows for a great opportunity to promote the scouting program to Alumni and Eagle Scouts who are unaware of the NESA Program. We usually have Scouting Alumni and Friends and NESA Brochures to hand out to interested scouters!

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