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The trail to Eagle does not end with attainment of the Eagle Scout rank. It moves forward toward a lifetime of personal and professional Eagle achievements mindful of duty to God, country, and family. In this forum, we seek to celebrate your successes by recognizing worthy achievements of every NESA member.

The purpose of Faces & Places is to showcase the contribution of NESA members to the mission, vision, and delivery of Scouting programs in communities across the country. Examples of newsworthy items include recognitions via military service, academia, civic/professional organizations, religion, Scouting, and of course, Scouting/Eagle families. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! Click here to share your story today!

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(Year): Eagle Scout Class

DSA: Distinguished Service Award

DESA: Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Life: NESA Life Member

Legacy: NESA Legacy Fellow

NOESA: NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award
Robert ‘Bob’ Beggs
Robert Eggs presented NOESA
L-R: Gary Schroeder (1972, DESA, Life), Robert Beggs (1973, NOESA), and Erin Beggs
Robert 'Bob' Beggs receives the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award from the Chester County Council. Bob is joined by his wife, Erin, and Distinguished Eagle Scout Gary Schroeder, May 2022.
Weingarten Family
Weingarten Eagle Scouts at Ben's Court of Honor
L-R: Joe Weingarten (1962, DESA, DSA, Life), Ben Weingarten (2022, Life), and Dr. Toby Weingarten, M.D. (1987, DESA, Life)
Ben Weingarten celebrates earning his Eagle with his Distinguished Eagle Scout Grandfather and Father.
Colonel Paul J. Hettich, USA, Ret.
Colonel Hettich receiving hall of fame plaque
Colonel Paul J. Hettich, USA, Ret. (1982, NOESA, Life)
CHICAGO - On Friday, April 29th, 2022 Colonel (Retired) Paul J. Hettich was inducted into Loyola University Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Hall of Fame Class of 2022.
Captain Bryon Ing, USCG, Ret.
Captain Bryon Ing, USCG, Ret. (1972, Life)
A Coast Guard Academy graduate has retired as a Captain after 28 1/2 years of active duty. He commanded two Coast Guard Cutters and an R&D prototype ship.
Bormann Family
Bormann brothers at Brett's Court of Honor
L-R: Trevor Bormann (2006, NOESA, Legacy, Life), and Brett Bormann (2011)
PLEASANTON, Calif. - Eagle Scout brothers together at Brett's Court of Honor.