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Weingarten Family

Weingarten Eagle Scouts at Ben's Court of Honor
L-R: Joe Weingarten (1962, DESA, DSA, Life), Ben Weingarten (2022), and Dr. Toby Weingarten, M.D. (1987, DESA)

Ben Weingarten (Gamehaven, Troop 27) is a new Eagle Scout and NESA Life Member with a bright future.  He is the latest in the Weingarten family’s Eagle flock–with the unusual distinction of descent from a father and grandfather who both received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA).   Ben’s Eagle Scout project involved building a trail extension in the Izaak Walton Wetlands Outer Trail, in Rochester, MN. 

Pictured is Ben’s grandfather, (L) NESA Life Members Joe Weingarten, Eagle Class of 62, and (R) his father, Dr. Toby Weingarten, M.D., Eagle Class of 87.

The DESA is awarded by the National Eagle Scout Association to those Eagle Scouts who achieve fame or eminence in their profession.  Eagle Scouts become eligible for the award beginning 25 years after attaining their Eagle rank.  Joe W was recognized for his aerospace engineering actions that effected the design of every aircraft and spacecraft since 1974 worldwide, and for advances in transportability in the Department of Defense.  Dr. Toby W was recognized for achievements in the advancement of anesthesiology; he is currently Director of Specialized Anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic.

Young Ben states he may well follow his grandfather into aerospace engineering.