NESA 2021 Price Increase FAQ

NESA is the largest and most recognized group of Eagle Scout Alumni Achievers. We’ve kept membership fees artificially low for many years while offering a high number of college scholarships and other unique Eagle Scout opportunities.  Just as you and your family must keep pace with rising costs, we must ensure a robust ability to deliver membership experiences that support and protect the mission, values, and time-honored traditions of Scouting.

NESA 5-year Memberships: $100.00

Five- year members receive a customized NESA certificate, a personalized membership card, access to NESA member website, direct NESA communications, and a welcome letter from the NESA president. All for less than $1.70 per month! 

NESA Lifetime Memberships: $500.00

Life members receive a gold NESA pin, a customized certificate, a personalized membership card, access to NESA websites and direct communications, a welcome letter from the NESA president, and the satisfaction of knowing their membership is secure for life.  A NESA Lifetime membership is a bargain compared to many other groups that charge $1,000-$5,000 or more depending upon age.

No. NESA memberships are unique to each Eagle Scout and are thus non-transferable.

Eagle Scouts or their gift sponsors may complete a membership application here. The local Council must have first entered verification of Eagle Scout achievements into their database. Paper applications are no longer accepted.  Very rare exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.