Line of Duty Fallen Eagle Recognition

Honoring Eagles who have Fallen in the Line of Duty

Helping people at all times …​

With the Oath of “Helping people at all Times,” and the commitment of service, many Eagle Scouts find careers in the Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighting. These professions expect much of their members including paying the ultimate sacrifice during their service to others.

The National Eagle Scout Association established a Line of Duty Protocol in 2018, which established the Fallen Eagle Recognition.

Fellowship in the NESA Legacy Society is open to any currently registered youth or adult Scouter who has been recognized as a James E. West Fellow. Yes, that means those who have not earned the Eagle Scout Rank may join the NESA Legacy Society.

All contributions should be addition to regular support of an individual’s council fundraising programs.

It is important that we recognize the sacrifices of Eagle Scouts, who by their service, allow us to live the American Dream – Congressman Pete Sessions, Committee Member of the National Eagle Scout Association

Line of duty protocol

  • Confirm the Eagle Scout status of the fallen by contacting with the SUBJECT LINE: LOD. Please provide the full name of the Eagle Scout, Birth Month, Birth Year, Contact Information for Next of Kin, and contact information for the individual making the request.
  • NESA will notify NESA President and Board, Chief Scout Executive and Executive Board, Areas and Regions as appropriate of the loss.
  • NESA will contact the local council where the Eagle worked or volunteered and Council where they obtained their Eagle (if different).
  • The appropriate council will contact the fallen Eagle’s Troop and notify them.
  • The council where the LOD services are to be conducted will contact the appropriate agency and coordinate with National NESA staff on where to send the Presentation Eagle Medal to be given to the fallen family.
  • NESA will notify National coordinator of LAST (1) and COPS (2) teams (see OTHER CONSIDERATIONS) as appropriate that an Eagle Scout has fallen.
  • NESA will notify the Congressional Eagle Scout caucus. The Congressional Eagle Scout Caucus will inform the member of congress who represents the fallen Eagle. The Caucus Chairman will send a letter and a certificate to the family of the fallen Eagle.
  • NESA will post information on the fallen Eagle on its social media page and work with the Scouting blog as appropriate.

Other considerations

  • Line of Duty Death can occur from a traumatic event or from an occupational illness, disease or injury. Rules that acknowledge LOD’s vary from state to state. For the purpose of this policy any LOD ruled by the agency that the Eagle was representing when he perished will be honored. When in doubt, it is the intent of this policy to honor the sacrifice of the fallen Eagle.
  • The LOD protocol is for those who have passed away in the line of duty after 2018, only. However, the Fallen Eagle Statue may be purchased for those who have passed prior to 2018.
  • Friends, Scouters and family can further remember the Fallen Eagle with a gift in their name to the NESA Scholarship Endowment Fund for the benefit of future Eagle Scouts’ education.

Recognition item

A Fallen Eagle sculpture can be purchased from the NESA Store for presentation to the family.

1: LAST stands for Last Alarm Service Team, a nationally recognized program that provides assistance to Fire Department’s who suffered a LOD.
2: COPS stands for Concerns of Police Survivors and is the same program for Law Enforcement.
Both programs are funded by the Department of Justice.