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The National Eagle Scout Association established the NESA Legacy Society in 2013 for individuals to make a direct contribution to the national NESA endowment furthering the support of Scouting. The NESA endowment provides direct funding of Eagle Scout scholarships, NESA committee service grants, and career networking and encouragement for all Scouts who wear the Eagle Scout badge.

Fellowship in the NESA Legacy Society is open to any currently registered youth or adult Scouter who has been recognized as a James E. West Fellow. Yes, that means those who have not earned the Eagle Scout Rank may join the NESA Legacy Society.

All contributions should be addition to regular support of an individual’s council fundraising programs.

Those who become NESA Legacy Society Fellows really make a difference and help take NESA to the next level. – Dustin Farris, Director of the National Eagle Scout Association

How to become a NESA legacy fellow

  • Become a James E. West Fellow in your local council.
  • Be currently registered as a youth or adult Scouter in the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Donate a minimum of $1,000 dollars to the National Eagle Scout Association endowment.

Other considerations

  • Individuals may gift a NESA Fellowship to others. This can serve as a great gift for a new Eagle Scout.
  • Individuals must have the Scout Executive of their current council confirm James E. West Fellowship prior to being granted fellowship in the NESA Legacy Society.

Give today

NESA Legacy Society Brochure (3.15MB, PDF)

Make a gift or set up a payment plan online, click here.


Fellows of the NESA Legacy Society will be recognized by a unique Legacy Society certificate, a pin for uniform wear on the James E. West knot, and name recognition in Eagles’ Call sent to all NESA members.

Supply/Bin item no.

Certificate (provided by NESA), Knot device (provided by NESA)

More information

NESA legacy society recipients

Listed alphabetically by council

Abraham Lincoln (144)

Robert A. Stuart, Jr.
Glenn Weronko

Alabama-Florida (003)

Alameda (022)

Alamo Area (583)

Donn Greiner
James Hoover Lynch

Allegheny Highlands (382)

Aloha (104)

Miles T. Nakatsu

Andrew Jackson (303)

Steven Zachow, MD

Anthony Wayne Area (157)

Arbuckle Area (468)

Atlanta Area (092)

Douglas W. Kirk – Founding Fellow

Baden-Powell (368)

Jeffrey L. McKinney

Baltimore Area (220)

Robby D. Cohen – Founding Fellow
Dana V. Edwards
Kevin F. Jura
Paul R. Kramer – Founding Fellow

Bay Area (574)

Scott E. Dick

Bay-Lakes (635)

Black Hills Area (695)

Black Swamp Area (449)

Black Warrior (006)

Blackhawk Area (660)

John S. Campbell
Brad Lawrence Epstein
Dr. Neal R. Frankel

Blue Grass (204)

Blue Mountain (604)

Blue Ridge (551)

Chris R. Jensen
A. P. Stockman, III

Blue Ridge Mountains (599)

Dr. James L.F. Parker
Carl J. Stump – Founding Fellow

Buckeye (436)

Scott P. Sandrock
Stephen B. Wilder

Buckskin (617)

Steven Eshenaur, DO – 2016
Gregory Godwin – 2016
Charles Veit – 2014
Steven McGowan – 2014
Richard Carl Looney – 1995
John Horton, Jr. – 1990

Bucktail (509)

Buffalo Trace (156)

Buffalo Trail (567)

Caddo Area (584)

Calcasieu Area (209)

Col. John J. Halloran, Jr. – Founding Fellow

California Inland Empire (045)

Michael J. Downs – Founding Fellow
John W. Vineyard

Cape Cod and Islands (224)

Cape Fear (425)

Capitol Area (564)

Amos Nyanway
Benjamin Alan Yacktman
Jonathan Russell Yacktman
Stephen Andrew Yacktman
Thomas Yacktman

Cascade Pacific (492)

Walter J. Fahnestock, Jr.
David A. Keller, Sr. – Founding Fellow
Ronald T. Stankye

Catalina (011)

William D. Perkins

Central Florida (083)

K. William Hayes
Gregg Harkness
Floyd A. White

Central Georgia (096)

Central Minnesota (296)

Monte S. Fronk

Central North Carolina (416)

Robert E. Cansler

Chattahoochee (091)

Joel F. Daly
Robert E. Ingram
Cpt. Frederic M. Sieg – Founding Fellow

Cherokee Area (469)

Cherokee Area (556)

Chester County (539)

Chickasaw (558)

Duane Klink

Chief Cornplanter (538)

Chief Seattle (609)

Toby Capps
James C. Eskridge – Founding Fellow
Dustin Randell Phelan

Chippewa Valley (637)

Choctaw Area (302)

Cimarron (474)

Brad Waken

Circle Ten (571)

Anonymous – Founding Fellow
Henry J. Voegtle – Founding Fellow

Coastal Carolina (550)

R. Michael Gallagher
Howard H. Hunter, III
Randy L. Potts – Founding Fellow

Coastal Georgia (099)

Peter N. Mastopoulos, Ed.D.

Colonial Virginia (595)

Columbia-Montour (504)

Connecticut Rivers (066)

Randall J. Becker
Bernard W. George

Connecticut Yankee (072)

Kenneth H. Korin – Founding Fellow

Conquistador (413)

Cornhusker (324)

Coronado Area (192)

Cradle of Liberty (525)

Todd Scheuren
John Arthur Severino – Founding Fellow
Dr. David Howard Sirken

Crater Lake (491)

Melvin W. Ashland

Crossroads of America (160)

Marc E. Duerden, MD
Terence L. Fulner
Thomas W. Jackson
Joe Weingarten – Founding Fellow

Dan Beard (438)

Adam J. Clinkenbeard
Robert P. Duff
Matt Scherocman

Daniel Boone (414)

James C. Karegeannes
Michael Daniel Parmer

Daniel Webster (330)

Craig Stephen Donais – Founding Fellow
Andrew Miller
Kerry R. Molin

De Soto Area (013)

Del-Mar-Va (081)

Douglas H. Bugel
Benjamin G. M. Feril

Denver Area (061)

Direct Service (800)

East Carolina (426)

Andrew D. Willis

East Texas Area (585)

Erie Shores (460)

Evangeline Area (212)

Far East (803)

Five Rivers (375)

Anthony Root

Flint River (095)

French Creek (532)

Gamehaven (299)

Garden State (690)

Gateway Area (624)

Georgia-Carolina (093)

Glacier’s Edge (620)

Michael T. Heitke

Golden Empire (047)

James P. Hobbs
Laron A. Johnson
Maj. Matthew Morrow – Founding Fellow

Golden Spread (562)

Grand Canyon (010)

Robert J. Atwater
Charles W. McGrath, Jr.

Grand Columbia (614)

Bruce D. Noonan

Grand Teton (107)

Great Alaska (610)

Great Lakes FSC (272)

Gordon W. Draper
Ray P. Szpiech

Great Rivers (653)

Great Salt Lake (590)

Great Smoky Mountain (557)

Great Southwest (412)

Great Trail (433)

Joel C. Hamsher – Founding Fellow

Greater Alabama (001)

Malcolm B. Street, Jr.

Greater Los Angeles Area (033)

Jay Lee
Steven R. Silbiger

Greater New York Councils (640)

Thomas S. Bain – Founding Fellow
Charles M. Greinsky – Founding Fellow

Greater Niagara Frontier (380)

Greater St. Louis Area (312)

Michael W. Grogan – Founding Fellow
Terry W. Grogan – Founding Fellow
Paul G. McLaughlin
George R. Ripplinger
David C. Stevens
Steven Gene Walton
David C. Whitney

Greater Tampa Bay Area (089)

Paul Nelson Adkins – Founding Fellow
Rorey C. Gulledge
Geary V. Titus

Greater Wyoming (638)

Greater Yosemite (059)

Henry A. Legarre – Founding Fellow

Green Mountain (592)

Charles E. Love

Greenwich (067)

Gulf Coast (773)

Joel K. Fairbanks

Gulf Stream (085)

William E. Carlson – Founding Fellow

Hawk Mountain (528)

Richard A. Howett – Founding Fellow

Hawkeye Area (172)

Steven H. Rose – Founding Fellow
Zachary S. Rose – Founding Fellow

Heart of America (307)

Larry Beauchamp
John W. McBurney
Robert Lee Powell – Founding Fellow

Heart of New England

Heart of Virginia (602)

Eric Douglas App
Leon Eugene App
Michael Thomas App
Robert Preston

Hoosier Trails (145)

Theodore Rex Legler, II – Founding Fellow

Housatonic (069)

Hudson Valley (374)

Edwin R. Ward
Robert R. Ward

Illowa (133)

Indian Waters (553)

Inland Northwest (611)

Iroquois Trail (376)

Istrouma Area (211)

Jayhawk Area (197)

Jersey Shore (341)

Dr. Kenneth D. King

Juniata Valley (497)

Katahdin Area (216)

La Salle (165)

Lake Erie (440)

David Accetta
Eric Augustine
Curtis Cousineau
David Madigan

Las Vegas Area (328)

Robert Lynn Horne, MD

Last Frontier (480)

Laurel Highlands (527)

Douglas S. Schwab

Leatherstocking (400)

Lincoln Heritage (205)

Darrell W. Bartels
John P. Ribar

Long Beach Area (032)

James N. Jeffery – Founding Fellow
Capt. Don McMackin, USN (Ret.)

Longhorn (662)

Glenn Adams – Founding Fellow
Ronald Aldridge
R. Lee Barrett
Robert J. Garrity, Jr.
Matthew Glennon
Bob Gordon
Gurpal S. Hundal
Stewart R. Kelly
Edwin B. Morrison, M.D.

Longhouse (373)

Longs Peak (062)

Cooper W. Jager – Founding Fellow

Los Padres (053)

Lester F. “Rick” TerBorch, Jr.

Louisiana Purchase (213)

Marin (035)

Mason-Dixon (221)

Maui County (102)

Mayflower (251)

Michael S. Stecker, MD

Mecklenburg County (415)

Lawrence W. Banks, Jr.
John H. Mahaffey, Jr.

Miami Valley (444)

Nathan Thomas Hausfeld
Timothy Crosby Judge Jr.

Michigan Crossroads (780)

Mid-America (326)

Middle Tennessee (560)

David W. Hundt
Gary L. Mueller, MD – Founding Fellow
Philip M. Pfeffer – Founding Fellow

Mid-Iowa (177)

Midnight Sun (696)

J.W.G. DeFabio

Minsi Trails (502)

Mississippi Valley (141)

Martin John Petersen

Mobile Area (004)

Monmouth (347)

James Hickey
Charles A. Spitz – Founding Fellow

Montana (315)

Moraine Trails (500)

Mount Baker (606)

Franklin L. Lobb

Mount Diablo Silverado (023)

George A. Fosselius – Founding Fellow
Lou Paulson – Founding Fellow

Mountaineer Area (615)

Muskingum Valley (467)

Charles E. Udischas II

Narragansett (546)

Bernard W. George

National Capital Area (082)

George Birsic
Jason Birsic
Weldon Jack Campbell
Richard E. Meyers – Founding Fellow
Andrew S. Mullin – Founding Fellow
James Spoo
Edwin R. Yarbrough

National Council (000)

Nevada Area (329)

New Birth of Freedom (544)

Gordon Holl

North Florida (087)

Michael J. Freeman, MD
Col. Robert F. Schlegel, Jr.
Rex Setzer
Herbert G. Taskett Ed.D. – Founding Fellow

Northeast Georgia (101)

Northeast Illinois (129)

Mark S. Dahlen
Thomas L. Hopkins
Milton O. McDougald
Todd R. Plotner – Founding Fellow

Northeast Iowa (178)

James C. Langridge – Founding Fellow

Northeastern Pennsylvania (501)

James J. Zaydon, Jr.

Northern Lights (429)

Scott Kautzman

Northern New Jersey (333)

Scott C. Czarkowski – Founding Fellow
Jeffrey H. Goldsmith
H. Karl Springob
David Verbraska
Wayne S. Wharton

Northern Star (250)

Tim Liffrig – Founding Fellow
Mark J. Salmen
Michael Westfall

Northwest Georgia (100)

Northwest Texas (587)

Christopher M. Duhan – Founding Fellow

Norwela (215)

Occoneechee (421)

Dale Ernest Hudson

Ohio River Valley (619)

Lee Thomas Cook – Founding Fellow
James F. Rose

Old Hickory (427)

Old North State (070)

Orange County (039)

Drew H. Adams
Steven D. Bradley
Robert Flynn
Randall S. Frank – Founding Fellow
Craig Hudson
Paul Hudson
Marc Hudson

Oregon Trail (697)

Ore-Ida (106)

Overland Trails (322)

Ozark Trails (306)

Pacific Harbors (612)

Travis Alyn Aitken
Stephen F. Duncan, MD
Michael J. Movius
Nicholas Wright McCartney, Jr.

Pacific Skyline (031)

Palmetto (549)

Wayne W. Hall
Scott A. Phillips
Norman Schaefer – Founding Fellow

Pathway to Adventure (456)

John A. Beebe, Sr.
John S. Campbell – Founding Fellow
Brad Lawrence Epstein – Founding Fellow
Dr. Neal R. Frankel – Founding Fellow
Donald P. Harris
James R. Poueymirou
Scott Reid
David N. Sheppard
David N. Shepparc
Ernesto M. Soler
A. Richard Thiernau – Founding Fellow

Patriots’ Path (358)

John W. Kennedy, Ph.D. – Founding Fellow
Dr. Geoffrey W. Zoeller, Jr. – Founding Fellow

Pee Dee Area (552)

Pennsylvania Dutch (524)

John F. Pyfer, Jr., Esq.

Piedmont (042)

Robert A. James

Piedmont (420)

Michael W. Bernhardt – Founding Fellow

Pikes Peak (060)

Pine Burr Area (304)

Col. Mark Henderson, DDS, USAF

Pine Tree (218)

Pony Express (311)

Potawatomi Area (651)

Prairielands (117)

Stanley M. Herrin – Founding Fellow

President Gerald R. Ford FSC (781)

Puerto Rico (661)

Pushmataha Area (691)

Quapaw Area (018)

Dr. David L. Briscoe – Founding Fellow
J. French Hill

Quivira (198)

Rainbow (702)

Redwood Empire (041)

Rio Grande (775)

Rip Van Winkle (405)

Rocky Mountain (063)

Kelly H. Williams

Sagamore (162)

Charles H. Hinders

Sam Houston Area (576)

Donald Marshall Brown
Christopher D. Heard
Langley E. Ho
Devin D. Koehler – Founding Fellow
Marshall J. Levit
Shane A. Miller
Lawrence Emmett Rearick
Charles A. Spain

Samoset (627)

John Thomas Paprocki
Don Sidlowski – Founding Fellow

San Diego-Imperial (049)

Paul E. Honeycutt
Dennis W. Pate, Esq.
Michael Royal Philbrook

San Francisco Bay Area (028)

Trevor P. Bormann
Michael Royal Philbrook
Donald Wilkinson

Santa Fe Trail (194)

Seneca Waterways (397)

Richard J. Rozon

Sequoia (027)

Richard M. Egan – Founding Fellow
Michael J. Feist – Founding Fellow

Sequoyah (713)

Joe W. Riggs

Shenandoah Area (598)

Victor R. Haburchak, Jr.

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay (055)

Captain James D. Blank – Founding Fellow
Richard M. Brenner – Founding Fellow
Robert W. Ferber
D. Scott Fortner
Nathaniel Lim – Founding Fellow
Douglas R. McDonald – Founding Fellow
Floyd Okada, M.D.

Simon Kenton (441)

Dr. Jeffrey A. Myers – Founding Fellow

Sioux (733)

Snake River (111)

South Florida (084)

Philip R. Engelmann
Stan Hoff

South Georgia (098)

South Plains (694)

South Texas (577)

Ralph E. Belter

Southeast Louisiana (214)

Southern Shores FSC (783)

LCDR Richard Files, USN – Founding Fellow
Timothy Johnson

Southern Sierra (030)

Southwest Florida (088)

David Dignam

Stonewall Jackson Area (763)

Dr. T.C. Dickerson

Suffolk County (404)

Susquehanna (533)

Suwannee River Area (664)

Larry Kubiak

Tecumseh (439)

Texas Southwest (741)

Texas Trails (561)

The Spirit of Adventure (227)

Theodore Roosevelt (386)

Salvatore P. Ciampo – Founding Fellow
David R. Doucette – Founding Fellow

Three Fires (127)

Larry D. French, Sr.

Three Harbors (636)

Leland M. Kammerer – Founding Fellow

Three Rivers (578)

Dr. Harvey Randolph

Tidewater (596)

Paul Frederick Reins

Transatlantic (802)

Jacobb-Josephson Caones
Daniel L. Coberly
Leroy L. Maurer
Keel Ross

Trapper Trails (589)

Don E. Hall
Richard L. Mills

Tukabatchee Area (005)

Tuscarora (424)

William A. Moon

Twin Rivers (364)

Bob Kreider
Edward J. LaFave

Twin Valley (283)

Utah National Parks (591)

Ventura County (057)

Kenneth Kolde – Founding Fellow

Verdugo Hills (058)

Voyageurs Area (286)

Eric Neff

W.D. Boyce (138)

Benjamin Clifford Smith – Founding Fellow

Washington Crossing (777)

Richard Pfaltzgraff – Founding Fellow

Water and Woods FSC (782)

Steven S. K. Bakker

West Tennessee Area (559)

Westark Area (016)

Westchester-Putnam (388)

Hon. Gordon J. Whiting – Founding Fellow

Western Colorado (064)

Western Los Angeles County (051)

Robert Karl Tarquinio, Ph.D.

Western Massachusetts (234)

Westmoreland-Fayette (512)

Winnebago (173)

Yocona Area (748)

David P. Rumbarger, Jr. – Founding Fellow
Dr. Marshall E. Hollis – Founding Fellow

Yucca (573)

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