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Ever attended a Scouting event and come away thinking, “Wow! Now, that was a GREAT speaker!!!”

The National Eagle Scout Association compiles the BEST KEYNOTE ADDRESSES made by Eagle Scouts to Scouting audiences for alumni and youth to view whenever and wherever they may be. We also include really cool Eagles’ Call video features here as well. Think TED Talks but with a Scouting flavor. Eagle talks includes keynote addresses on a variety of topics Scouting and non-Scouting related.
Eagle Talks include messages from:
  • Business leaders
  • Famous athletes
  • Explorers
  • Inventors
  • Political leaders
  • Celebrities
  • And more!

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Former news anchor of National Geographic Explorer, Boyd Matson, speaking at a Scouting event
Eagle Talks organized by Presenter’s Last Name.

Amendola, Dana – VP of Disney Theatrical

In addition to restoring worn-down theaters, Dana runs the day-to-day theater operations for all of Disney’s Broadway shows. That means he’s in charge of pretty much everything that happens in Disney’s theaters except the shows themselves.Eagle Scout Dana Amendola is vice president of operations for Disney Theatrical Group in New York City

Berger, Scott – Associate Director of the “CBS Evening News

Berger takes us inside the program and shares how being an Eagle Scout helped prepare him for this career.Eagle Scout Scott Berger of the CBS Evening News

Byron, William – NASCAR driver

From age 13, William Byron has had the need for speed. He’s also had the drive to earn the Eagle Scout Award. Learn how the NASCAR driver pursued both. Eagle Scout and NASCAR driver William Byron

Cavalero, Tony – Eagle Scout and star of TV’s “School of Rock”

Tony Caveloro, Eagle Scout and star of Nickelodean’s “School of Rock” and member of the Groundlings, shares his path to Hollywood.Eagle Scout Tony Caveloro says the Scout Law has been with him every step of the way

Chism, Adrian – Head Football Coach

Learn how Eagle Scout Adrian Chism’s inspiring leadership taught a special group of football players that a winner is measured by more than what’s on the scoreboard.Meet Eagle Scout Coach, Adrian Chism

Failor, Matthew – Iditarod Racer

Eagle Scout musher Matthew Failor has tested his skills in Alaska’s famously grueling Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Learn how he faces the Iditarod challenge with the help his Scouting training.Meet Eagle Scout Iditarod racer Matthew Failor

Gallaher, Ben – Country Singer

Eagle Scout singer-songwriter Ben Gallaher is making his mark in Nashville. He sat down with Eagles’ Call magazine to talk about songwriting, music and his Scouting past.Ben Gallaher, Eagle Scout and country singer, talks music and Scouting

Gates, Robert M. – Former Secretary of Defense

Dr. Robert M. Gates, Distinguished Eagle Scout and former defense secretary, knows what it takes to be a leader. He sat down with Eagles’ Call magazine to share some of what he’s learned.Dr. Robert M. Gates: A conversation on leadership and Scouting

Juk, G Brian – Glassblower at Corning Museum of Glass

Let’s meet G Brian Juk, a glassblower at the Corning Museum of Glass, the world’s premier glass museum. Learn how Scouting has influenced his creative career.

Meek, Eric – Glassblower at Corning Museum of Glass

Let’s meet Eric Meek a glassblower at the Corning Museum of Glass, the world’s premier glass museum. Learn how Scouting has influenced his creative career.

Roe, Evan – Actor

Learn how Evan Roe, the sardonic son on “Madam Secretary,” juggles two roles: Scout and star. Evan plays Jason McCord, the offspring of Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) and her husband, Henry (Tim Daly)Meet Evan Roe, the Eagle Scout on “Madam Secretary”

Rose, Mark – Roller-coaster Designer

Roller-coaster designer Mark Rose, an Eagle Scout, leads a life full of twists and turns. While his career has focused on designing world-class roller coasters, in his free time, Rose has focused on developing programs and maintaining properties for Scouting. He earned a Silver Buffalo Award in 2017.Meet Mark Rose, Eagle Scout and roller-coaster designer for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Rowe, Mike – T.V. Host

Boy Scout National Meeting, May 2012Encouragement to young Scouts and Scouters

Saunders, Philip E.

Philip Saunders relied on Scouting principles as he built one of the first truck stop chains in the country. It’s now one of the largest as TravelCenters of America.Eagle Scout and entrepreneur E. Philip Suanders

Trimble, Scott – Location Scout

Meet Eagle Scout Scott Trimble, who has been Scouting all his life. He started as a Cub Scout, became an Eagle Scout, then a talent scout, and now a location scout for major Hollywood movies. He’s worked on “Star Trek,” “Transformers,” and “Iron Man 2.”From Eagle Scout to Hollywood location scout

Tilden, Brad – CEO Alaska Airlines

With a friendly but fierce management style, Eagle Scout CEO Brad Tilden helps Alaska Airlines take off.Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden on leadership and Scouting

Ward, Rob – Broadway Set Designer

Rob Ward builds Broadway sets for a living. Watch as he takes us behind the scenes at Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack, N.Y., for “Les Miserables” and the Neil Simon Theatre for “Big Fish.”Behind the scenes with Eagle Scout Rob Ward

Whisenhunt, Ken – NFL Coach

Ken Whisenhunt sits down to discuss coaching, leadership and the parallels between Scouting and the NFL.Eagle Scout Ken Whisenhunt on coaching and leadership