Looking for some inspiration?

Eagle Talks is for you!​

Ever attended a Scouting event and come away thinking, “Wow! Now, that was a GREAT speaker!!!”

The National Eagle Scout Association compiles the BEST KEYNOTE ADDRESSES made by Eagle Scouts to Scouting audiences for alumni and youth to view whenever and wherever they may be. We also include really cool Eagles’ Call video features here as well. Think TED Talks but with a Scouting flavor. Eagle talks includes keynote addresses on a variety of topics Scouting and non-Scouting related.
Eagle Talks include messages from:
  • Business leaders
  • Famous athletes
  • Explorers
  • Inventors
  • Political leaders
  • Celebrities
  • And more!

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Former news anchor of National Geographic Explorer, Boyd Matson, speaking at a Scouting event
Eagle Talks organized by Presenter’s Last Name.