List of notable Eagle alumni

Those who set the bar REALLY high!​

The who’s who of scouting!

If there is one thing that Scouting is known for outside of camping out in the woods –  it’s producing a bevy of noteworthy Eagle Scouts across a wide range of industries.

There’s famous actors, critically acclaimed directors, a U.S. President, inventors, Fortune 500 business leaders, and even an astronaut or two.

Mike Rowe - Distinguished Eagle Scout

What you will find here is not a definitive list of the “top” or the “most important” Eagle Scouts. It simply is our informal attempt at sharing a little of Scouting’s most influential people whose stories we hope will inspire the next generation of Scouts to reach the pinnacle of Scouting and achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

We are sure that you could add a few (and subtract a few) from what you see. If you want to try, feel free to contact the National Eagle Scout Association.