Eagles' Call magazine submission guidelines

All submissions to Eagles’ Call magazine are published at the discretion of the staff and may be edited for content and space. Please include a telephone number and e-mail address with each submission. We cannot publish previously copyrighted material, including newspaper articles and professional photographs. Many studio-type portraits, including school photos, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without express written permission from the photography studio.

Please take note of the below guidelines for submitting achievements for publication in Eagles’ Call magazine. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines or that are not verifiable might not be published.

Awards and recognition:

Please submit only nationally recognized awards and extraordinary accomplishments for consideration, and remember to include any information that could help us verify the award, including the Eagle’s full name, birth date, unit number, and city and state where the award was earned. For Eagles who receive four-year university and college degrees, please include the full name and city of the institution, as well as the degree and major. We will not publish items such as high school graduations and scholarships. Submit an Eagle Scout’s achievement for recognition in Eagles’ Call magazine by completing this form.

Eagle scouting is a family affair:

Family photos must show two or more generations of Eagle Scouts or an extraordinary number of siblings who are all Eagles. Uniformed Scouts must be properly attired. For verification, include each Eagle’s full name and year of Eagle Award, as well as a principal city and state for the family. Where the Eagle Scouts pictured have multiple surnames, please provide the family relation. We regret that we cannot run photos of a troop’s Eagle class. Submit a photo of an Eagle Scout family for recognition in Eagles’ Call magazine by completing this form.

God and country:

Many young men exchange their Scout uniforms for fatigues, dress blues, or battle dress uniforms. NESA salutes all those currently serving in our armed forces.Submit a photo and information about an Eagle Scout’s achievements in the armed forces for recognition in Eagles’ Call magazine by completing this form.

Once an eagle ... always an eagle:

Robert S.S. Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, taught Scout trailblazers to make a simple trail sign, a circle with a dot in the middle, to indicate that they had gone home. Eagles’ Call magazine recognizes those who blazed many trails for us to follow, and have now, too, gone home. If you would like to acknowledge an Eagle Scout who has gone home, please complete this form.

How to send your submission by mail:

If you would like to submit information for Awards and Recognition, Family Affair, God and Country or Once an Eagle … by mail, please send to Eagles’ Call, S304, Boy Scouts of America, 1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane, P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079. or send your submission via e-mail to EagleScoutMag@Scouting.org.

Question about your submission:

If you wish to follow up about a previous submission to Eagles’ Call, send an email with details on your submission to EagleScoutMag@Scouting.org.

Share feature story ideas:

Your ideas are always welcome. Send a synopsis of your story idea to EagleScoutMag@Scouting.org, and include a telephone number where you may be reached for more information.