Submit family affair photos to Eagles’ Call

Scouting’s highest honor is best shared with other generations of family members. Join NESA in celebrating the families of Eagle Scouts by submitting photos below. These family recognitions will be published (space permitting) in the next available edition of Eagles’ Call.

Family photos must show two or more generations of Eagle Scouts or an extraordinary number of siblings who are all Eagles. Uniformed Scouts must be properly attired. For verification, include each Eagle’s full name and year of Eagle Award, as well as a principal city and state for the family. Where the Eagle Scouts pictured have multiple surnames, please provide the family relation. We regret that we cannot run photos of a troop’s Eagle class.

All submissions to Eagles’ Call are published at the discretion of the staff and may be edited for content and space. We cannot publish previously copyrighted material, including newspaper articles and professional photographs.
Please note: Many Scouting families across the U.S. boast multiple generations of Eagle Scouts, which is reflected in the high number of submissions the Eagles’ Call editors receive for this section.

We cannot immediately publish every submission received, but we do our very best to include every family. Once you’ve completed this form, you will receive a confirmation email thanking you for your submission. Eagles’ Call is published four times annually, which means it may take up to a year to see your family’s photo and information included in the magazine. This is simply due to the high number of submissions we receive. Thank you for your patience and for your interest in celebrating your family’s Scouting accomplishments.