Community Based Eagle Alumni Reception


The National Capital Area Council has many Eagle Scout alumni in its boundaries who are not currently engaged in Scouting. A group of Eagle Scouts involved at the unit, district and council level knew that some of the Eagles could be re-engaged simply by reaching out to them.

Using readily available resources, local volunteers can engage Eagle Scouts (and BSA Alumni) who may not be involved in Scouting. These Eagles and alumni are an underutilized resource that can be used to reinforce local units, district level operations, Friends of Scouting, council camps and development efforts.


  • Finding way to leverage the NESA (and BSA Alumni) network
  • Using local NESA members interested in building community support for Scouting


With a combination of the following strategies, a successful gathering of eagles can be made at the community level.

  • A town with a strong history of Scouting
  • Search the NESA database for Zip Codes with high concentration of NESA memberships
  • Secure a data minded volunteer willing to do the research through the NESA database and with local troops in the area
  • Secure a volunteer with an appropriate sized house, backyard, or host at a suitable location
  • Ask for assistance for postage from the council or another Eagle Scout in the Troop, District, or Council
  • Secure a volunteer to pay the costs of the event
  • A special event (troop anniversary, special award, etc.) to draw people together
  • Local notable Eagle Scout as a speaker or host.

Publicize through a variety of free services including Facebook pages for the Troop, the community, and more. Ask others to share the invitation with others in their personal networks.


In a town with a strong scouting presence, and some volunteers willing to do the leg work (or some variation of those factors) this is a low cost and low-risk
strategy to build support for scouting.

Results of a Local Trial Takoma Park Eagle Reception

Invited: 240
Attended: 45

Program included: NESA announcements, fellowship, council update
Sponsors: Local troop leaders, Council provided giveaway items, $200 of postage and printing donated by local sponsor, food and drink provided by host.

More information about the program is available on the website,

Jeff Berger,

Is your council conducting fun and interesting events for your Eagle Scout alumni?