NESA Stores

To build recognition of the organization we have created stores (Trading Posts) to sell items related to NESA and Scouting Alumni. These range from clothing items to event and organization patches and of our affiliate partners. This is a perfect way to show your pride in the Scouting and your organization and can be used as a recruitment tool or recognition. They also have gifts for a new Eagle or someone who has been in Scouting for 75 years.

Here are the links to the two stores:


Alumni –

Does your council want a patch, neckerchief and or logo. Yes, but please a few rules, you must adhere to the BSA Branding rules and you cannot modify the NESA or Alumni Logo or change colors. Any logo design must be submitted for approval to NESA or Alumni Association, please submit to All designs must be submitted to BSA Licensing for approval and must be purchased from an authorized BSA Vendor. Need help from what is allowed to design to getting approvals or purchasing? Please contact Joe at