NESA at NOAC Update July 28 - The National Eagle Scout Association

NESA at NOAC Update July 28

NESA Communication Team Member Brandon Kelly, with Eagle Scout Brad Tilden and 2022 Silver Buffalo Awardee Devang Desai.

While at NOAC here in Knoxville, Tennessee, the NESA booth has had thousands of participants come through to say hello, spin the patch give-a-way wheel, and take their photo at the NESA Eagle wall and we have loved having you come through. 

Some of the dignitaries included 5 of the first inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts at their first NOAC, Edgar LeBenne and Dan O’Neill from the Far East Lodge and the Philippines (there will be a follow-up article in the coming weeks on them),  to the Black Eagle Lodge and their members spread out from Poland to Italy!  It is amazing to see Eagles and Arrowmen from around the world giving back in service while leaving a legacy.

Speaking of leaving a legacy, we at NESA are excited to have or NESA 50th anniversary dinner reception here at NOAC and look forward to NESA 50 for 50!  The convocation (technical term for large gathering of eagles-look it up) will be one of the biggest gatherings of Eagle Scouts since Jamboree and we look forward to Frank Tsuru our NESA National President and Brad Tilden as our Keynote speakers. Come early for special photo opportunities and gifts.