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NESA Members Receive Scouting’s Top Volunteer Honors

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America announced the 2022 Silver Buffalo and Silver Antelope recipients. The Silver Buffalo, created in 1925, and the Silver Antelope, created in 1942, recognize an individual for service to youth on either a national or territory level, respectively.

Of the 16 Silver Buffalos awarded for 2022, 11 are listed as Eagle Scouts, as noted by the Bryan on Scouting blog. This brings the total number of Eagle Scouts who have received a Silver Buffalo since 2020 to above 30. For this year’s Silver Antelopes, more than 40 percent achieved the rank of Eagle. The 2022 class of Silver Buffalos and Antelopes consist of multiple NESA Outstanding Eagle Scouts, Distinguished Eagle Scouts, and National Eagle Scout Association Members.

At the time of this publication, the following 2022 recipients are identified as NESA Lifetime members (Click here to learn about becoming a NESA Life member).

Silver Buffalos
Timothy Beaty
Jeffrey Goldsmith
Michael Lanning
Stephen Nicolaysen
David Rumbarger Jr.
John Severino

Silver Antelopes
Mark Barnard
Scott Senn Boswell Sr.
Joseph Burleski
Mark Larson
Rich Lieber
Steven Serrot
Robert Spinks
James Tarleton
Daniel Van Horn

Revised May 20, 2022.

The 2022 Silver Buffalos will be honored in a virtual ceremony, with additional details coming in the months ahead. Please join the National Eagle Scout Association and the rest of the BSA in congratulating the 2022 Silver Buffalos and Silver Antelopes.