Scouting offers youth a place to satisfy their desire for fun and adventure, which is why it is one of the largest youth programs in the world.

Eagle Scout alumni tend to maintain this desire as they grow older and are pleased to find out that the National Eagle Scout Association picks up right where they left off as youth members.

Take a look at the ways councils are continuing to provide Eagle Scout alumni avenues for self fulfillment.

Don’t be surprised if you find an activity or tradition you may want to launch for alumni in your council.

Community based Eagle alumni reception

Due to the fact the National Capital Area Council includes D.C. within its councils boundaries, many Eagle Scouts move into the council’s borders every year. The council has established strategies to get those newly arriving Eagle Scouts connected to Scouting in their location.

Gathering of Eagles event

The Greater Los Angeles Area Council NESA group held a very successful networking event close their council office. Attendees were able to network with one another as well as take a tour and learn about current Scouting activities in the area. The event garnered over 80 registrants.

Green Bar Society

The Chief Seattle Council created the Green Bar Society to empower alumni of the Scouting movement to fulfill their duty to self, others, and the community. The Society connects other aspiring Scouting alumni while participating in fun events. It is a new way to network and share ideas to better the lives of one another.

Gentlemen's Merit Badge Series

The Cradle of Liberty Council created the Gentlemen’s Merit Badge Series to bring together younger Scouting alumni from around Greater Philadelphia to help them with professional development and networking. More than 150 alumni are participating and continuing their involvement in Scouting through this effort.

Is your council conducting fun and interesting events for your Eagle Scout alumni?