Grow your Eagle Scout engagement program

NESA wants to support you!

Find ways to identify, recruit and reengage Eagle Scout alumni to help grow Scouting programs, today.

The National Eagle Scout Association has established a grant program to assist councils in developing activities and programs to recruit Eagle Scout alumni.

The application process is easy and the benefits are great!

Applications for grants are online

Special consideration will be given to grant applications that help NESA committees with innovative and creative ways to assist Scouts achieve the Eagle rank. Committees would be well served to determine what the barriers are to Scouts receiving the Eagle rank and develop strategies to overcome those barriers.

Note: Applications to fund the purchase of Eagle Scout medals or Eagle Scout recognition banquets are not likely to be funded. The application asks easy-to-answer questions and outlines a straightforward follow-up process that includes submitting photographs, testimonials, and member statistics.

Successful grantees will share their results and the lessons they learned with other council NESA committees.

Grant cycle

The grant submission window is August 1st to October 31. Rating and selection will occur in January and February.
Announcement of grant recipients within the month of March. Recipients will be notified by email and posted online.

Alumni committees are encouraged to develop their grant proposals offline before submitting them. Changes to or amended grant proposals will not be accepted.
Grants must be used during the calendar year after submittal, or be returned.

Check out our Best Practices page for insights into grant funded events and activities.

Questions? Contact NESA.