NESA Affinity Groups

Have you ever participated in a sport or hobby and found that some of the people participating with you were Eagle Scouts?

Or taken a class in college and realized that one of your study partners is an Eagle Scout?

Or perhaps, had a conversation with someone at a seminar or trade show and recognized an Eagle Scout lapel pin on their blazer.

Well, what happened???

After realizing the common ground of Scouting, most folks begin sharing with one another their similar camp experiences, the toughest merit badge they earned, how cool their Scoutmaster was, or maybe some of the details of their Eagle Scout project.

But what happened after that???

Well, if you are like most people that is where it ends and you get back to your hobby or studying for the next exam or move on to the next networking encounter.

The National Eagle Scout Association Thinks It Could Be More!

NESA believes that the common ground of Scouting and a shared vocation or hobby (including college affiliation) between Scouting alumni could lead to some really great things.

The trick is getting organized. And that is where NESA Affinity groups come in…

The PURPOSE of a National Eagle Scout Association AFFINITY GROUP is to help bring together Eagle Scouts, who share a common interest or affinity, for the betterment of the community, youth members of the Boy Scouts of America, and each other.

You may be asking yourself, “That is a pretty lofty concept. So, what does a NESA Affinity Group REALLY look like?” Well, here are some examples…

Imagine a group of students at a college or university organizing a group only comprised of Eagle Scouts. One of their activities is to participate in an intramural soccer team. In the off season, they put on a soccer clinic for a local Boy Scout Troop, get together and attend MLS matches, study together, and perform service projects for the school.


A group of police officers who are also Eagle Scouts who organize a council-wide camporee in the Fall and a Crime Prevention merit badge clinic in the Spring. As an avenue to socialize with one another, one member hosts an NFL football viewing party.


A collection of Eagle Scouts who are also financial advisors who establish a network to share ideas between one another and perhaps create a job shadow program for those interested in pursuing a career in finance. Between events they socialize at the local watering hole.

Here are some NESA National Affinity Groups:

  • NESA firefighters

  • NESA law enforcement professionals

  • Alpha Phi Omega Eagles

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