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“I can’t believe it’s something I’ve actually done”: NESA’s World Explorers share details of their experience

By: Aaron Derr | 
January 23, 2023
To get to Tiputini Biodiversity Station (TBS), one of the most remote scientific research stations in the world, you must first get to a rural area called Tumbaco, just outside Quito, the capital of Ecuador.
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Eagle Scout researcher turning trash into treasure … and sharing his knowledge with Scouts

By: Aaron Derr | 
December 21, 2022
A paper published in Angewandte Chemie, a top chemistry journal, details how this Eagle Scout researcher and his team collected plastic waste from the shores of Catalina Island, treated it with a catalyst and ended up with materials that can be used in pharmaceuticals.

Eagle Scout astronaut delivers powerful conservation message … from space!

By: Aaron Derr | 
December 20, 2022
Kjell Lindgren, Eagle Scout, assistant Scoutmaster, outdoor ethics advisor and NASA astronaut, has a unique view — literally — of Earth. That’s at least in part why he’s so inspired to share with the rest of us the importance of taking care of it.

Mike Leach, football coach and Eagle Scout, dies at 61

By: Aaron Derr | 
December 13, 2022
In 2015, when he was coaching at Washington State, Leach was invited to speak at a breakfast fundraiser to benefit Scouts in Moscow, Idaho. There, he reminisced about earning his Eagle and had this to say about Scouting.

Eagle Scout living the dream as Philmont cowboy

By: Aaron Derr | 
October 10, 2022
“We did the horseback ride and the light bulb just came on in my head. I knew I wanted to be a Philmont wrangler.”

Expert shares how to increase the chances of earning a scholarship by writing a good essay

By: Aaron Derr | 
October 5, 2022
When reviewing applications for the more than 60 college scholarships offered by the National Eagle Scout Association, a clear trend emerged: What consistently tripped up otherwise excellent applications more than anything else was the essay.

Eagle Scout tackles crucial job while living for weeks under the Arctic ice

By: Aaron Derr | 
October 3, 2022
As a mechanic assigned to the Navy’s USS Illinois submarine, Jason Buffi and the rest of his team had an important job: keeping the air in the submarine breathable as it spent three weeks under the Arctic ice.

Guess what these college mascots all have in common?

By: Aaron Derr | 
September 26, 2022
The job is performing as a college mascot, and when you look at the requirements, maybe it’s not surprising that four of them at different colleges within just a few hours of each other are all Eagle Scouts.

Worth reading: Eagle Scout’s essay on “The Importance of Scouting in America”

By: Aaron Derr | 
June 20, 2022
What impressed us the most with was how Julia used the Scouts BSA uniform as a metaphor for everything that Scouting is about.

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