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Eagle Pride Showcase

The Eagle Pride Showcase is a recognition of you—the people who proudly represent the Eagle Scout rank—and the National Eagle Scout Association.

This page celebrates your commitment to furthering the mission of Scouting in your families, communities, and in the workplace. As a NESA member, we invite you to share notable moments in your distinguished representation of Eagle Scouts and the best of Scouting. Submit stories of things like:

  • Military service
  • Academic achievement
  • Civic/professional honors
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Notable Scouting activities like courts of honor
  • Scouting/Eagle family legacies

—or anything else you believe your Scouting community would find inspiring.

The journey of an Eagle Scout does not end once the rank is earned. You are the reason the rank of Eagle Scout is revered around the world. Let’s spread the word.

What is the Eagle Pride Showcase? What is the Eagle Pride Showcase?
Bednas Family
L-R: Pierce Bednas (2020, Life) & Scott Bednas (1984, Life, NOESA, Legacy).
A father and son both achieved Eagle Scout rank on September 26, 36 years apart: the father in 1984 and the son in 2020
David Maack
David Maack (1983) & Grandsons.
David Maack, elected to the City of Racine Common Council, will represent the city's 4th District. Active in the community, he serves on several boards and committees and previously held the position of alderman from 2001 to 2011.
Robert F. Clifford
Robert F. Clifford (1973, Life, NOESA).
Robert F. Clifford recently returned to the United States after over two years in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he served as Mission Advisor and Country Program Director for US DOJ-sponsored law enforcement training. A retired FBI senior executive, he managed a team assisting Ukrainian law enforcement and was significantly involved in investigating Russian war crimes.
US National Junior Firefighter of the Year
Joseph V. Valentino (2023, ESSPY).
Named the United States National Junior Firefighter of the Year by the National Volunteer Fire Council at their annual awards gala in Washington, DC, for my Eagle Scout Service Project recruiting volunteer firefighters. Now a full member of those departments, I am proud to be a fourth-generation BSA member, a third-generation firefighter, and a second-generation Eagle Scout who earned the Glenn & Melinda Adams Eagle Scout Project of the Year award from the Monmouth Council.
Willie Ore NOESA
L-R: Christie Ore & Willie Ore (LIFE, NOESA).
Willie Ore received the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award from the Old North State Council on April 4, 2024.
Legacy of Service
L-R: Steve Gray (2004), Chas Carlson (2003), Ian McKay (2008), & Jeff Gray (2009).
OA Chapter ceremonies team from 2006: these four Eagle Scouts, Vigil Honor members, chapter chiefs, and lodge officers continue to contribute to Scouting into adulthood.
Phillip Rauscher
Phillip Rauscher (2005).
Phillip Rauscher, MPH, CIH, CSP, has been named Executive Director of ACGIH, an 85-year-old global non-profit dedicated to eliminating occupational diseases.
Evan Gaj 
(L-R): AFCEA Chairman of the Board Lt. Gen. Willam J. Bender (USAF, Ret.) and AFCEA President, Evan Gaj (2011),& CEO Susan S. Lawrence (USA, Ret.).
Evan received the AFCEA International’s prestigious Emerging Leadership Award during a ceremony on February 13th, in conjunction with the AFCEA West Conference.
Four of a Kind
L-R: Caleb (2015), Abigail (2023), Benjamin (2021), & Edward (1987).
In September 2023, Abigail Sue joined her two brothers and father as an Eagle Scout. In addition to being Eagles, all four family members are Vigil Honor members of Itibapishe Iti Hollo Lodge.

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