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NESA Legacy Society

NESA Legacy Award

The National Eagle Scout Association established the NESA Legacy Society in 2013 as a way for individuals to make a direct contribution to the national NESA endowment fund to support Eagle Scout scholarships,  NESA committee service grants, career networking, and encouragement for all Scouts who wear the Eagle Scout badge. 

Fellowship in the NESA Legacy Society is open to any currently registered youth or adult Scouter who has first been recognized as a James E. West Fellow, whether or not they are Eagle Scouts or members of NESA.    

All contributions should be addition to regular support of an individual’s local Council fundraising programs. 

NESA Legacy Award
Todd Plotnerr

Those who become NESA Legacy Society Fellows really make a difference and help take NESA to the next level.

Todd Plotner
NESA Vice President

How To Become a NESA Legacy Fellow

  • First become a James E. West Fellow in your local Council. 
  • Donate a minimum of $1,000 dollars to the National Eagle Scout Association endowment. 

Other Considerations

  • Individuals may gift a NESA Fellowship on behalf of someone else, e.g. in honor of an Eagle Scout, or in memory of a special individual.
  • If gifting a NESA Legacy Society Fellowship, the individual receiving the gift must be a James E. West Fellow.
  • James E. West Fellowship will be confirmed prior to being granted fellowship in the NESA Legacy Society.


Fellows of the NESA Legacy Society are recognized by a unique Legacy Society certificate, a pin for uniform wear on the James E. West knot, and are named in select NESA news publications/web site. 

Supply/bin item no.

Certificate (provided by NESA), Knot device (provided by NESA) 

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Use of this email will be for internal NESA Communications and will not be public facing.
Use of this email will be for internal NESA Communications and will not be public facing.