NESA Distinguished Service Award

NESA Outstanding Medal

The NESA Distinguished Service Award recognizes active NESA members who demonstrate extraordinary leadership and service to the national organization.  A nominee’s personal leadership impact must significantly enhance the effectiveness and prestige of NESA programs and activities.  A nominee’s service usually involves a period of years and extends beyond the local level.  Awards are limited in number and are normally presented during BSA’s Annual National Meeting.  Unused quotas may be awarded in later years.  

NESA Outstanding Medal
Hal A. Yocum MD

Earning my Eagle Scout Award and learning the values of the Scout Oath and Law were instrumental to my success in life and my work as a surgeon. Still Scouting at 80 years old!

Hal A. Yocum MD, Eagle Class of 1959
DESA, Silver Buffalo, DSA | Last Frontier Council

Nominations for the Award

  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered
  • Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards
  • Self or spousal nominations will not be considered
  • Nominations submitted and NOT selected must be re‐nominated in future years
  • Nomination forms must be complete and submitted electronically to the NESA national committee at: ‐ NO LATER than October 31st for recognition the following year


NESA Distinguished Service Award nomination form


Recipients will receive a medal, lapel pin, and device worn on Eagle Scout knot (provided by NESA).