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Council Committee Purpose

The express purpose of NESA is to identify Eagle Scouts and to provide a manpower resource for local councils. The primary objective of local chapters is to guide Eagle Scouts of all ages into service within the local council. With NESA, the BSA has a powerful resource for councils and Eagles far beyond the badge. 

New Committee Quick Start Steps

Local NESA committees make Scouting stronger by empowering Eagle Scouts to perpetuate the mission, values, and time-honored traditions of Scouting for future generations. If you’re interested in starting a committee to support your council, here are a few quick steps you can take to get started.

  1. Get approval from your council’s Scout Executive to start/ revive a local NESA Committee.
  2. Identify a lead volunteer (Chairperson) and council professional (Staff Advisor).
  3. Identify three additional volunteers, one for each of NESA’s Call to Action, Join Us, Get Involved, and Give Back.
  4. Complete the Local NESA Committee Addition form on
  5. Assist Calls to Action leads recruit more helping volunteers.
  6. Identify Council social media channels and their admins to begin promoting events.
    • Evaluate the need for Alumni/NESA-specific channels.
  7. Confirm contacts listed on’s “Find your NESA Committee” page

Council Committee Spotlights

National Capital Area Council's Logo

Spotlight: National Capital Area Council Alumni & NESA Committee

September 13, 2022
In this council spotlight, learn what the Alumni and NESA Committee of the National Capital Area Council is doing to be successful.

Spotlight: Golden Gate Area Council NESA Committee

By: Trevor Bormann | 
June 21, 2022
Get to know the NESA Committee from the Golden Gate Area Council and how it has overcome the challenges of merging councils.

Local NESA Committee Addition or Update Request

Use of this email will be for internal NESA Communications and will not be public facing.
Use of this email will be for internal NESA Communications and will not be public facing.