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Exclusive Advanced Screening for NESA Members

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NESA is thrilled to bring you this exclusive first-look at the speech that generated so much buzz at the National Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Monty Gibson’s powerful Keynote Speech from the 2023 NAM Americanism Breakfast will captivate you and reaffirm your commitment to Scouting and its transformative power.

In this exclusive video, Monty shares his incredible journey from a small town in West Texas, where a red-headed, freckled-faced boy (yes, Monty himself) never would have believed he could become an NFL Strength & Conditioning coach. He thought his dream was too big, too lofty, and out of reach. But through Scouting, he learned how to climb both literal and figurative mountains and found his roadmap for life on the Scouting Trail.

Monty’s Scouting journey began as a Cub Scout, and he earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1986. The Gibson Clan has a strong Scouting Legacy, with Monty’s mother, father, and grandfather actively involved in Scouting. They paved the way for Monty and his two brothers to earn the prestigious Eagle Scout Award. Today, Monty proudly continues the Scouting legacy as all three of his sons have also achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

As you may have seen in this Aaron on Scouting article, Monty established the Joe A. Gibson Philmont Scholarship Fund to honor Philmont, Scouting, and his Scouting mentor, his father. It’s a testament to his deep connection with Scouting and his commitment to giving back.

Prepare to be inspired, reaffirm your belief in Scouting, and embrace the power of Monty’s story. Click below to watch now.

News Coverage

NFL strength coach Earns Outstanding Eagle Scout Award at Americanism Breakfast

By: Gina Circelli | 
June 1, 2023
Monty Gibson, strength and conditioning coach for the Cleveland Browns, brought the Americanism Breakfast crowd of Scouters to their feet this morning. But not before he brought his Scouting journey to a new summit as

How to Get Involved at the National Annual Meeting

By: Trevor Bormann | 
April 25, 2023
Discover how to Get Involved in the 2023 National Annual Meeting (NAM) of the Boy Scouts of America in Atlanta, GA. Explore exciting opportunities from NESA and the BSA Alumni Association, including an alumni reception, elective sessions, and the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Reception.

NFL strength coach, Eagle Scout helps fund Philmont scholarship program

By: Aaron Derr | 
January 5, 2023
When Joe Gibson, a longtime Scout leader in the San Angelo, Texas, area died last January, his family thought long and hard about the best way to memorialize his life. Then, it came to them: a scholarship to help send Texas Southwest Council Scouts to Philmont Scout Ranch.

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

The National Eagle Scout Association established the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award during the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in 2010.

Popularly known by its acronym, “NOESA,” the award recognizes Eagle Scouts notable for their local, state, regional or national distinguished service who do not yet meet more stringent nomination requirements for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA).

Candidates for the NOESA have inspired others through their positive actions reflected by recognized accomplishments and devotion to their profession, hobby, community, and beliefs. Previous recipients include authors, explorers, television personalities, military flag officers, scientists, medical doctors, government officials, prominent business people, and entrepreneurs.

Each recipient’s record of service and accomplishments should elevate the public stature and reputation of Eagle Scouts.

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