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Scout to Scholar: How Being an Eagle Scout Prepares You for College Success

Becoming an Eagle Scout marks the end of one journey and the beginning of many more. For countless young men and women, the next obstacle to overcome is continued education. Whether you’re taking online classes, learning a trade, or attending a top university like Harvard, the skills and mindsets we’ve gained in Scouting will continue to set any Eagle Scout up for success in college and beyond!

As a relatively recent graduate and Eagle Scout, I can tell you firsthand that your Scouting experience will prepare you to shine in college and soar to success in life. Believe it or not, the soft skills that we hone in Scouting are extremely relevant for the “real world!” Below are just 5 unexpected ways that Scouting helped me in university, and how skills learned in Scouting are likely to help you too:

  1. Time management: From planning and executing our Eagle projects to keeping up with school and extracurriculars, we’ve learned to prioritize, stay organized, and make the most of our time. College? Easy-peasy! Juggling classes, projects, internships, and a social life might feel new and impossible for most first-year students, but it’s just a normal challenge for us Eagle Scouts!
  2. Perseverance: We’ve camped in extreme conditions, completed every requirement along the advancement trail, and even survived our patrol’s horrible food. Through it all, Scouting has taught us to never give up. We’ve learned to push through challenges and setbacks, developing strength and mental resilience along the way. Bring on the tough exams, late-night study sessions, and demanding professors. Having conquered everything that’s required to reach Scouting’s highest rank, what else can shake us?
  3. Communication skills: As ex-SPLs and ASPLs, we’ve honed our communication skills through public speaking, presentations, and leadership experiences. We know how to clearly articulate our ideas and work within a team. In college, this skill makes us group project MVPs and incredible student-leaders who aren’t afraid to speak up, start networking, and get involved.
  4. Integrity and Values: College comes with its fair share of temptations. However, the Scout Oath and Law can continue to serve as our guiding light, even after earning Eagle! Successful Eagle Scouts not only do what’s right for themselves but also serve as upstanders in their community to help others stay on the moral path.
  5. Effective Learning: As Eagle Scouts, we’re basically experts at gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills, and earning merit badges. Plus, as troop leaders and role models, we’ve learned to grow from our mistakes and adapt to any situation. In college, no subject will have us stumped. We’ll seek out better resources, change our learning style, and do whatever’s necessary to excel in our academics!

Our journeys to Eagle have given us more than we’ll ever know. The lessons we’ve learned and the values we’ve developed in Scouting are like seeds planted, which will one day bloom and shower our lives with blessings. May we use our skills and status as Eagle Scouts to serve as upstanders in our college communities, and continue to succeed at whatever we set our minds to. Onward!

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