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The Power of Planned Giving: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Each of us has a unique story to tell, shaped by our experiences, values, and the impact we make on the world around us. As we journey through life, we often ponder the question of how we can leave a lasting legacy—a legacy that will carry on our values, support causes we hold dear, make a positive difference in the lives of future generations, and provide a secure future for our loved ones. Planned giving offers a remarkable opportunity to accomplish all of these goals, ensuring that our impact extends far beyond our lifetime.

1. Preserving Values and Impact:

One of the most compelling reasons to engage in planned giving is the ability to preserve our cherished values and the causes that have touched our hearts. By supporting organizations and initiatives that align with our beliefs and passions, we can perpetuate the positive change we seek to create in the world. Whether it’s supporting education, healthcare, the environment, or the arts, planned giving allows us to make a lasting impact in areas that matter most to us.

2. Securing a Better Future:

Planned giving not only allows us to leave a legacy for charitable organizations, but it also provides an opportunity to secure a better future for our loved ones. Through careful estate planning, we can ensure that our families are taken care of, their financial needs are met, and their dreams are supported. By leaving a planned gift, we can offer our family members a sense of stability and security, knowing that their future is protected while continuing to support the causes that we hold dear.

3. Perpetuating Time-Honored Traditions:

For those who have been involved in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the National Eagle Scout Association, leaving a legacy through planned giving holds a special significance. It allows us to preserve the time-honored traditions and principles instilled in us during our involvement, ensuring that future generations can benefit from the same transformative experiences. By supporting the mission and programs of organizations we hold dear, we help create a legacy that will inspire and shape the lives of countless individuals in the years to come.

The National Eagle Scout Association recently received a generous planned gift that will increase the total number of available NESA scholarships. This gift was left by Eagle Scout (1968) and Lifetime NESA member, Thomas F. Novitski. Mr. Novitski was a long-time Scouter and CFO from Sun City, AZ. His gift to the National Boy Scouts of America Foundation was left in recognition of the significant impact Scouting had on his life as a youth member and later as an adult. 

4. Philanthropy in Action:

Planned giving is a powerful expression of philanthropy—a way to embody our core values by making a meaningful and lasting difference. By contributing to charitable causes, we join a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to improving society and creating positive change. Planned giving provides an opportunity to contribute in a significant way, allowing us to maximize the impact of our generosity and create a ripple effect of goodness for generations to come.

5. Personal Fulfillment and Legacy:

Leaving a lasting legacy through planned giving is not only about the impact it has on others; it is also deeply rewarding on a personal level. Knowing that our contributions will endure, that our values will be carried forward, and that our story will continue to inspire others brings a profound sense of fulfillment. It allows us to live a life of purpose and leave a mark on the world that will be remembered long after we are gone. 

Planned giving represents a remarkable opportunity to make a difference, leave a lasting legacy, and shape the world for future generations. By preserving our values, securing a better future for our loved ones, and perpetuating the time-honored traditions of organizations we hold dear, we can create a positive impact that transcends time. 

Whether you are considering a bequest in your will, a charitable gift annuity, a trust, or other giving vehicles, the resources available at will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions about your legacy. The website offers step-by-step guidance on how to include organizations in your estate plans, ensuring that your philanthropic goals align with your financial objectives.

So, let us seize this opportunity to plan our legacy, write our story, and make a lasting difference that will continue to resonate for generations to come.

If you are interested in a planned gift to Scouting, or you made a planned gift but haven’t allowed us to thank you, please contact me. 

Carlo Laurore, VP & Executive Director 
National Boy Scouts of America Foundation
(704) 526-9305

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