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NESA Legacy Society

The NESA Legacy Society is the first opportunity to make a direct contribution to the national NESA endowment furthering the support of Scouting. The NESA endowment provides direct funding of Eagle Scout scholarships, NESA committee service grants, and career networking and encouragement for all Scouts who wear the Eagle Scout badge.

Fellowship in the NESA Legacy Society is open to any currently registered youth or adult Scouter who has been recognized as a James E. West Fellow. All contributions to the national NESA endowment should be in addition to your regular support of your council's fundraising programs. Remember, the first step to becoming a NESA Legacy Fellow is to become a James E. West Fellow in your local council.

Click here to download the application form.

Fellows of the NESA Legacy Society will be recognized by a unique Legacy Society certificate, a pin for uniform wear on the James E. West knot, and name recognition in the Eagles' Call magazine sent to all NESA members.

The following are NESA Legacy Society Fellows:

  • Glenn Adams; Longhorn Council *
  • Paul Nelson Adkins; Gulf Ridge Council
  • Thomas S. Bain; Greater New York Councils
  • Michael W. Bernhardt; Piedmont Council
  • Captain James D. Blank; Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council
  • Richard M. Brenner; Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council
  • Dr. David L. Briscoe; Quapaw Area Council
  • John S. Campbell; Northwest Suburban Council
  • William E. Carlson; Gulf Stream Council
  • Salvatore P. Ciampo; Theodore Roosevelt Council
  • Robby D. Cohen; Baltimore Area Council
  • Lee Thomas Cook; Ohio River Valley Council
  • Scott C. Czarkowski; Northern New Jersey Council
  • Jeremy S. Ditelberg; Knox Trail Council
  • Craig Stephen Donais; Daniel Webster Council
  • David R. Doucette; Theodore Roosevelt Council
  • Michael J. Downs; California Inland Empire Council
  • Christopher M. Duhan; Northwest Texas Council
  • Richard M. Egan; Sequoia Council
  • Brad Lawrence Epstein; Northwest Suburban Council
  • James C. Eskridge; Chief Seattle Council
  • Michael J. Feist; Sequoia Council
  • LCDR Richard Files, USN; Southern Shores Field Service Center
  • George A. Fosselius; Mount Diablo Silverado Council
  • Randall S. Frank; Orange County Council
  • Dr. Neal R. Frankel; Northwest Suburban Council
  • Michael J. Freeman, MD; North Florida Council
  • Charles M. Greinsky; Greater New York Councils
  • Michael W. Grogan; Greater St. Louis Area Council
  • Terry W. Grogan; Greater St. Louis Area Council
  • COL John J. Halloran, Jr.; Calcasieu Area Council
  • Joel C. Hamsher; Great Trail Council
  • Stanley M. Herrin; Prairielands Council
  • Dr. Marshall E. Hollis; Yocona Area Council
  • Richard A. Howett; Hawk Mountain Council
  • Cooper W. Jager; Longs Peak Council
  • James N. Jeffery; Long Beach Area Council
  • Leland M. Kammerer; Three Harbors Council
  • David A. Keller, Sr.; Cascade Pacific Council
  • John W. Kennedy, Ph.D.; Patriots' Path Council
  • Douglas W. Kirk; Atlanta Area Council
  • Devin D. Koehler; Sam Houston Area Council
  • Kenneth Kolde; Ventura County Council
  • Kenneth H. Korin; Connecticut Yankee Council
  • Paul R. Kramer; Baltimore Area Council
  • Bob Kreider; Twin Rivers Council
  • Larry Kubiak; Suwannee River Area Council
  • James C. Langridge; Northeast Iowa Council
  • Henry A. Legarre; Greater Yosemite Council
  • Theodore Rex Legler II; Hoosier Trails Council
  • Tim Liffrig; Northern Star Council
  • Nathaniel Lim; Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council
  • Peter N. Mastopoulos, Ed.D.; Coastal Georgia Council
  • Douglas R. McDonald; Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council
  • Jeffrey L. McKinney; Baden-Powell Council
  • Major Matthew Morrow; Golden Empire Council
  • Gary L. Mueller, MD; Middle Tennessee Council
  • Andrew S. Mullin; National Capital Area Council
  • Dr. Jeffrey A. Myers; Simon Kenton Council
  • Richard E. Meyers; National Capital Area Council
  • Lou Paulson; Mount Diablo Silverado Council
  • Richard Pfaltzgraff; Central New Jersey Council
  • Philip M. Pfeffer; Middle Tennessee Council
  • Todd R. Plotner; Northeast Illinois Council
  • Randy L. Potts; Coastal Carolina Council
  • Robert Lee Powell; Heart of America Council
  • Dr. Harvey Randolph; Three Rivers Council
  • Steven H. Rose; Hawkeye Area Council
  • Zachary S. Rose; Hawkeye Area Council
  • David P. Rumbarger, Jr.; Yocona Area Council
  • Norman Schaefer; Palmetto Council
  • John Arthur Severino; Cradle of Liberty Council
  • Don Sidlowski; Samoset Council
  • CPT. Frederic M. Sieg; Chattahoochee Council
  • Benjamin Clifford Smith; W. D. Boyce Council
  • Charles A. Spitz; Monmouth Council
  • Carl J. Stump; Blue Ridge Mountains Council
  • Herbert G. Taskett Ed.D.; North Florida Council
  • A. Richard Thiernau; Calumet Council
  • Henry J. Voegtle; Circle Ten Council
  • Joe Weingarten; Crossroads of America Council
  • Hon. Gordon J. Whiting; Westchester-Putnam Council
  • Kelly H. Williams; Rocky Mountain Council
  • Dr. Geoffrey W. Zoeller, Jr.; Patriots' Path Council
* NESA is thankful to NESA President, Glenn Adams, for giving the the first gift launching the NESA Fellowship program.