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Latest News from NESA

GIVE ME AN "8!!!"

Calling all Eagle Scouts with a Board of Review Year ending in the number 8!! The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) has commissioned a unique project to collect photos and testimony of what it means to be an Eagle Scout through the decades.

Click here to find out more..

2017 Gathering of Firefighter Eagle Scouts

Are you a firefighter attending the 2017 Fire Department Instructor's Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis Indiana in April? Are you an Eagle Scout? The 2017 gathering of firefighters who are Eagle Scouts will take place at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Ind., on April 28 at 10 a.m.

Click here to find out more.

Apply for the NESA World Explorers Program

The National Eagle Scout Association’s World Explorers Program pairs stellar Eagle Scouts with world-class researchers at sites around the globe. If you’re an Eagle Scout age 18 and older, apply now for a chance to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

Click here to learn more and find the application forms.

Firehouse Expo in Nashville, TN

Firefighters who are Eagle Scouts attending the FIREHOUSE Expo in Nashville, Tennessee (October 20th to 22nd) are invited to stop by booth 327 to visit the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Firefighter Affinity Group.

Click here to find out more.

Dr. Gates knows what it takes

Dr. Robert M. Gates, Distinguished Eagle Scout and former defense secretary, knows what it takes to be a leader. He sat down with Eagles' Call magazine to share some of what he's learned.

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Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden on leadership and Scouting

With a friendly but fierce management style, Eagle Scout CEO Brad Tilden helps Alaska Airlines take off.

Click here to find out more.

Ben Gallaher, Eagle Scout and country singer, talks music and Scouting

Eagle Scout singer-songwriter Ben Gallaher is making his mark in Nashville. He sat down with Eagles' Call magazine to talk about songwriting, music and his Scouting past.

Click here to find out more.


News Regarding the Online NESA Community

Recently, NESA learned that the provider of the online Eagle Scout Community would be discontinuing their service on February 29. We are excited to share with you what will be taking the Eagle Scout Community's place!

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2015 Eagle Scout Yearbook

The National Eagle Scout Association has commissioned Publishing Concepts (PCI) to produce the 2015 annual Eagle Scout publication that will feature the newest Eagle Scouts from the Class of 2015. The current publication entitled "Eagle Scout Yearbook Class of 2015," will contain photos of the newest Eagle Scout Class, and will also include a data CD to help Eagle Scouts stay in touch with each other. Almost 55,000 young men received the Eagle Scout award in 2015, and this project will truly be a celebration of the commitment to the service and leadership of Eagle Scouts everywhere.

For those who earned their Eagle in 2015, be on the lookout for any outreach that PCI might send your way!

If you have questions, check out our FAQ page.



Coaching Titan

Eagle Scout Ken Whisenhunt, head coach of the Tennessee Titans, sat down with Eagles' Call to share his thoughts on coaching, Scouting and leadership.

Click here to find out more.



Videos of 2015 NESA Award Winners

Every year, NESA awards scholarships and awards to many Eagle Scouts from around the country. Recipients of the United Health Foundation scholarship, the STEM scholarship and the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award were profiled in these videos first shown during the Americanism Breakfast at the 2015 National Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga. Watch videos.


Eagle Scout hosts survival reality show

Eagle Scout survival expert Creek Stewart invites fellow Eagle Scouts to check out his show Fat Guys in the Woods. Each week, Creek takes three regular guys into the wild where they learn the art and science of outdoor survival while battling the threats of Mother Nature. In short: He’ll help them Be Prepared. Click here to find out more.


Eagle Scout Set to Compete in Next Iditarod

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pits man and dogs against the brutal conditions of Alaska’s backcountry. Watch this exclusive Eagles’ Call video to learn more about how musher Matthew Failor faces these challenges thanks to his Scouting training. Watch video.


Eagle Day Celebration

Michael S. Malone author of the book Four Percent: The Story of Uncommon Youth in a Century of American Life recently spoke at the Eagle Day celebration held at the National Museum in Irving, TX in August. Published in 2012, Four Percent tells the stories of dozens of notable Eagle Scouts across the past century and is one of the most complete histories of Eagle Scouts ever written. You may view his remarks here beginning at the 7:15 minute mark.


2015 Eagle Scout Directory

It is standard practice by universities and other alumni associations to conduct a directory project for alumni about every four years. The last Eagle Scout Directory project was conducted in 2008. Therefore, the National Eagle Scout Association has entered into an agreement with Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) to publish a 2015 Eagle Scout Directory. PCI is a well-established publisher of alumni directories whose clients include SMU, University of Colorado, Harvard, and the U.S. Naval Academy. In conjunction with this project, PCI will invite Eagle Scouts to update their information as well as purchase an Eagle Scout directory and/or a NESA membership if they are not already a member.

Updated information collected from Eagle Scouts will be shared with local councils to help them stay in contact with Eagle Scouts who have moved into their council’s borders. Information provided from the 2008 directory proved very helpful to councils in re-establishing contact with Eagle Scouts and led to additional support and volunteers.

As part of the directory project, NESA will be conducting a fun “select the cover” contest to decide which cover will be on the front of the directory. Eagle Scouts will be able to choose from four designs and pick which one they like best. The directory will also contain a unique introduction piece on the importance of Eagle Scouts to our country.

For all those that earned their Eagle Scout, be on the lookout for any outreach that PCI might send your way.

If you have questions, check out our FAQ page.


Give and You Shall Receive

Soon-to-be Eagle Scouts, we at NESA know your time’s valuable. And so if you take a few minutes to answer a short survey after finishing your Eagle application, we’ll reward you with an exclusive download of the song “Ma, You Earned Your Eagle.” Click here to read more.


NESA Legacy Society Fellowship

The new NESA Legacy Society Fellowship is open to any currently registered youth or adult Scouter who has been recognized as a James E. West Fellow and makes a contribution to the NESA endowment. The NESA endowment provides direct funding of Eagle Scout scholarships, NESA Committee service grants, and career networking and encouragement for all Scouts who wear the Eagle Scout badge. All contributions to the national NESA endowment should be in addition to regular support of your council’s fundraising programs. A downloadable form can be found here.


Help All Eagle Scouts Reconnect to Scouting

NESA has conducted three nationwide Eagle Scout searches over the last five years with remarkable success. The current whereabouts of more than 50 percent of living Eagle Scouts has been determined and shared with their local council. In most cases, they will be contacted and invited to come back to Scouting.

The following link contains images or ads to print and to provide to newspapers, newsletters, local magazines, etc., as well as website banners and other sizes, so that we may continue to search for every Eagle Scout.

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