Brandon Kelly, Author at The National Eagle Scout Association

From Eagle Scout to World Explorer: A Real-Life Indiana Jones

By: Brandon Kelly | 
February 28, 2024
Learn about this Eagle Scout’s extraordinary adventures of exploration and discovery around the world fueled by his passion for the great outdoors.

Largest Eagle’s Nest on African Continent Kicks off 2023

By: Brandon Kelly | 
January 24, 2023
26 Eagle Scouts from countries around the world form the largest (that we are aware of) Eagle’s Nest on the African continent.

Final Notes from Knoxville headed to Jamboree ’23

By: Brandon Kelly | 
July 30, 2022
As we leave NOAC in Knoxville, we reflect on the interactions, new members, and achievements of all Eagle Scouts, combined with the great training on scholarships, building council committees with strong relations for the volunteers, as well as the leadership lessons earned from Frank Tsuru through the NESA 50 anniversary dinner.  It truly was a great success for Arrowmen and Eagles alike.

NESA at NOAC Update July 28

By: Brandon Kelly | 
July 29, 2022
While at NOAC here in Knoxville, Tennessee, the NESA booth has had thousands of participants come through to say hello, spin the patch give-a-way wheel, and take their photo at the NESA Eagle wall and we have loved having you come through. 
NESA at NOAC 2022 Member Patch

Grand Entry of Lodges and Mascots

By: Brandon Kelly | 
July 27, 2022
As lodges filled into the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville for the NOAC Opening show, each of the lodge contingents presented their lodge flap on giant six-foot banners and the crowd roared to life. It was followed by a stunning presentation of the American flag throughout the stadium.

Delegate Arrival Day and Brave Exemplary National Leaders

By: Brandon Kelly | 
July 26, 2022
Calling all Arrowmen and Eagle flocking to NOAC! Today we opened up the adventure area with awesome booths, and several hundred people coming through the NESA booth and Exhibit. We were honored to have our Chief Scout Executive, Roger Mosby, our International Commissioner Scott Sorrels, and our National Chief Timothy Reiss, each visit our booth and interact with youth and adults alike!
NESA Booth at NOAC 2022

Day 2 of Setup: The Stage is Set- We are excited to see you

By: Brandon Kelly | 
July 25, 2022
Our NESA staff came from all corners of the country and attended to the details of setting up a spectacular booth, putting on the polishing finish on top notch training, then finished off with a staff show led by National Chief and Vice Chief empowering each of us to deliver world class events for our attendees!  Special thanks to all our NESA staff, and Events team for their help.
NESA Promotion patch over Univ. Tennessee skyscape

Sneak Peek at what is instore for NESA at NOAC

By: Brandon Kelly | 
July 19, 2022
Thousands of Arrowmen from across America are excited to be in Knoxville, Tennessee to attend the Order of the Arrow’s National Conference this week! Hundreds of Eagle Scouts and members of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) are among them.

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