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Delegate Arrival Day and Brave Exemplary National Leaders

Brandon Kelly; National OA Chief Timothy Reiss; Mark Stolowitz NESA Event Staff Silver Buffalo-National Training Committee. (Photo Courtesy of Brandon Kelly)

Calling all Arrowmen and Eagle flocking to NOAC! Today we opened up the adventure area with awesome booths, and several hundred people coming through the NESA booth and Exhibit.  We were honored to have our Chief Scout Executive, Roger Mosby, our National Commissioner Scott Sorrels, and our National Chief Timothy Reiss, each visit our booth and interact with youth and adults alike! 

The delegates there at the time, were blown away and excited to meet our great leaders face to face and had a chance to exchange quest scans with our National Leaders. They also noted how grateful they were that these leaders would make a moment in time for them. Already saying it was the highlight of their conference so far. 

Scott and Timothy are not only great examples of servant leadership, but they are also Lifetime Members of NESA!  They both stated that it is a great honor to be associated with Arrowmen and Eagles and they obviously represent us well.

Distinguished Eagle Scout, Tico Perez also stopped by and wanted us to remind everyone that there is still time to sign up for next year’s National Jamboree and how integral Eagles-NESA-and the OA are to pulling off a great jamboree. He couldn’t be more right and each of us should sign up this week while there is still room.  

Consider this your invitation to Join NESA or become a lifetime member (there is a special discount code for NOAC that ends Saturday) and your next lifechanging adventure for the Jamboree.

Lastly, we are trying to find a red or blue flashing light for parties. The first person that brings it to the booth will get a set of NESA 50th Anniversary flap and chevron!  A bell or a buzzer will be welcomed as well!

Stay tuned for more this week about being B.R.A.V.E , a H.E.R.O, and highlights from the opening show as well as the National Recognition Event in my next post.

L-R, Steve Ellis-NESA Staff (seated) Roger Mosby CSE, Mark Stolowitz-Silver Buffalo, Bruce Hamous National Alumni Committee, Matthew Wallace National Executive Staff-NESA/Alumni Team

Brandon Kelly, Chief Scout Executive Roger Mosby, and National Commissioner at the NESA Booth.

Brandon Kelly and National Commissioner Scott Sorrels at the NESA Booth.

National Chief-Lifetime Member Tim speaking to attendees.

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