Robin Strachan, Author at The National Eagle Scout Association

“Can’t” is not a useful word.

By: Robin Strachan | 
April 26, 2023
Eagle Scout Tyler Greene (2006) didn’t believe himself to be a hero, although many did. Tyler wasn’t comfortable being considered an inspiration, although to many, he was.
Justin Manning Eagle Scout

Justin Manning: Scouting Helped Define My Voice 

By: Robin Strachan | 
March 22, 2023
Eagle Scout Justin Manning (2005) of Brooklyn, New York believes Scouting provided him with a guideline for how to live his best life. “Having that mark of Eagle Scout helps you stand out. You’re living it. It isn’t just a resume point.”

Eagle Calls on Scouting Experience as a Major League Umpire

By: Robin Strachan | 
January 17, 2023
Reston, Virginia Eagle Scout Chris Segal (2000) counts on skills he learned in Scouting—dealing with adversity, taking charge of situations, strong communication, leadership, and teamwork—everyday in his work as a Major League Baseball umpire. And when it comes to the points of Scout Law, Bravery comes into play every game.

Eagle Spotlight: Stedman Family Scouting

By: Robin Strachan | 
November 8, 2022
For two generations of one Scouting family, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout has been a family affair.
Portrait of Joel Sartore, 2021, by Ellen Sartore.

Eagle Spotlight: Joel Sartore

By: Robin Strachan | 
October 5, 2022
Eagle Scout Joel Sartore (1977) has devoted his life to saving animals and encouraging people to care about the Earth’s biodiversity. As a National Geographic Explorer and conservation photographer, he has authored numerous books and has contributed photographs to many others. He is also the founder of an ambitious project called the National Geographic Photo Ark that aims to document every animal in human care before the opportunity is lost forever.

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