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Enhancing Scouting with NESA Council Committee Best Practices

By: Dan Coberly | 
August 30, 2023
Explore best practices from Council Committees across the country to make the most of your NESA experience.

Scouting Out The Future: Why Being A Scout Matters More Than Ever

By: Cole From ScoutSmarts | 
June 26, 2023
Scouting equips youth with vital skills for the digital age, fostering adaptability, problem-solving, and a connection with nature.

NESA Members Honored with Silver Antelopes & Buffaloes

By: Trevor Bormann | 
May 18, 2023
The majority of the 2023 Silver Buffalo and Antelope recipients are Eagle Scouts, with a significant number of these individuals holding NESA Life memberships.
Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award

2023 Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award Winners

By: Trevor Bormann | 
May 11, 2023
Discover the winners of the 2023 Glenn and Melinda Adams Service Project of the Year Award for both national and service territory levels.

How to Get Involved at the National Annual Meeting

By: Trevor Bormann | 
April 25, 2023
Discover how to Get Involved in the 2023 National Annual Meeting (NAM) of the Boy Scouts of America in Atlanta, GA. Explore exciting opportunities from NESA and the BSA Alumni Association, including an alumni reception, elective sessions, and the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Reception.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Announces Confirmation of Plan of Reorganization and Emergence from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

April 19, 2023
BSA emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and fulfills a commitment to equitably compensate survivors and preserve the mission of Scouting.

Scout to Scholar: How Being an Eagle Scout Prepares You for College Success

By: Cole From ScoutSmarts | 
April 18, 2023
How does Scouting prepare young people to excel after high school? Learn the 5 skills that every Eagle Scout has developed which will help them soar to success in college – and life!

NESA Distinguished Service Award Presented to Astronaut James A. Lovell

By: Dan Coberly | 
April 17, 2023
James A. Lovell Jr.: A Distinguished Eagle Scout and legendary Astronaut honored with NESA's Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to Scouting and space exploration.


By: | 
March 23, 2023
Are you wondering what to do to rebuild and advance the BSA post-bankruptcy? Don’t start from scratch! Start with those who have benefitted from the Scouting program and have been away for a while. Learn everything you need to know about identifying, connecting, and engaging with our alumni. Return home from PTC with lots of knowledge, tools, tips and techniques. Learn all about affinity and affiliate groups such a Wood Badge, NESA, Camp Staffers and more. Find out how to access and utilize the alumni database. Make connections with other Scouters from across the country to communicate with as you progress throughout the year. Bring home your council customized annual plan for creating and implementing a comprehensive alumni relations program. Find out the secrets to having fun while having an impact.

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Use of this email will be for internal NESA Communications and will not be public facing.