Introducing Alpha Phi Omega Eagles: A Fusion of Scouting and Fraternity, A Force for Good! - The National Eagle Scout Association

Introducing Alpha Phi Omega Eagles: A Fusion of Scouting and Fraternity, A Force for Good!

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Have you had the pleasure of crossing paths with the remarkable National Eagle Scout Association Affiliate group Alpha Phi Omega Eagles? Unifying Scouting alumni and Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity alumni under a common banner is the mission of this dynamic alumni association. Their shared mission is to amplify the core values of Alpha Phi Omega, the Boy Scouts of America, and the National Eagle Scout Association. 

This BSA Alumni Community and NESA Affiliate Group is the perfect fusion of Scouting adventure and fraternity camaraderie. APO is guided by three cardinal principles–that were derived from the Scout Oath and Law–leadership, friendship, and service. Through these principles, APO envisions a world where inclusive communities flourish, nurturing peace and unity through leadership development, friendship, and unwavering service. At its inception, APO Eagles was composed solely of Eagle Scout alumni. Today the group is nearly 400 members strong, and its membership has expanded to encompass all APO Brothers who are passionate about propelling APO’s ideals throughout the Scouting community.

For those devoted to Scouting, it’s a chance to rediscover the fraternity’s essence, a chance to rekindle the spirit ignited during college days. And for those whose voluntary endeavors gravitate towards the fraternity, it’s a platform for Brothers to give back to the very realm that often led them onto the path of Alpha Phi Omega.

At the heart of APO Eagles is their commitment to the Eagle Scout legacy and relentless support of young Eagle Scouts as they continue their journey after earning the rank of Eagle. Their alumni association orchestrates three distinct programs, all aimed at fostering and sustaining their mission. 

Leaders of Service Scholarship Program

College-bound Eagle Scouts can apply for this annual scholarship opportunity. This program seeks to recognize Eagle Scouts who promote and have demonstrated they are leaders, are friends with all, and are of service to their communities. Learn more about the scholarship. 

Benefactor Program 

Anchored by the determination of APO Eagles, this initiative ignites fundraising efforts. Its purpose? To generate resources for scholarships and build a legacy that will echo through time, granting scholarships for generations to come. Click here to learn more about the giving levels. 

Ambassador Program

A constellation of ambassadors of APO Eagles, spanning 27 councils, carries forth the torch by facilitating three initiates. Read more about these initiatives. 

      • The recognition initiative involves offering certificates and letters of congratulations from the national fraternity and its officers during Eagle events.  

      • For the credential initiative, in addition to the new Eagle packet provided by the National Council, Eagle Scouts are provided with a specialized congratulations letter, an invitation to apply for the APO scholarship, and an APO brochure. 

      • The event initiative invites councils to work with an APO chapter or group of alumni to support or sponsor an event that benefits the council. 

    There are always more opportunities to get involved, establish connections, and create synergy between APO Eagles and NESA. Learn more about how APO Eagles are committed to serving alumni of its National Service Fraternity and BSA and how NESA puts Eagle pride to work by forging actions that strengthen Scouting.

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