Faces & Places

The trail to Eagle does not end with attainment of the Eagle Scout rank. It moves forward toward a lifetime of personal and professional Eagle achievements mindful of duty to God, country, and family. In this forum, we seek to celebrate your successes by recognizing worthy achievements of every NESA member.

The purpose of Faces & Places is to showcase the contribution of NESA members to the mission, vision, and delivery of Scouting programs in communities across the country. Examples of newsworthy items include recognitions via military service, academia, civic/professional organizations, religion, Scouting, and of course, Scouting/Eagle families. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! Click here to share your story today!

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(Year): Eagle Scout Class

DSA: Distinguished Service Award

DESA: Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Life: NESA Life Member

Legacy: NESA Legacy Fellow

NOESA: NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award
LTC Rich Cassem
LTC Rich Cassem (1987)
LTC Rich Cassem retired from the U.S. Army and now serves as the Senior Army Instructor for Shikellamy School District in Sunbury and Northumberland, Pennsylvania.
Brown Brothers
L-R: Morris Brown, FAIA (1962, Life), and Terrance Brown, FAIA (1962, Life).
Twin Brother Eagles Scouts attended a Section Conclave together.
Brian Sandberg
Brian Sandberg (1993, Life).
Eagle Scout Brian Sandberg was installed as President of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots on 24 September 2022.
David Bader
David Bader (1985)
Eagle Scout David Bader received one of the highest awards in computing for inventing commodity-based supercomputing.
Olivier Whelan
Olivier Whelan (2018) graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Political Science. He served four years in Army ROTC and is training at the Army Logistics University at Ft Lee, VA.
Jon Shanahan
L-R: Jon Shanahan (2009) & Devir Kahan
Eagle Scout Jon Shanahan and business partner Devir Kahan's company was recently featured on Shark Tank.
Terry Fossum
Terry Fossum (1980, Life).
Eagle Scout Terry Fossum, winner of the Fox Network survival reality competition Kicking & Screaming.
Judge Omar Aboulhosn
Judge Omar Aboulhosn (1982)
Eagle Scout Judge Omar Aboulhosn has served as a United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of West Virginia since 2016.
COL Scott Preston
COL Scott Preston
COL Scott Preston (1990, Life).
COL Scott Preston just completed three years commanding the US Army Corps of Engineers - Tulsa District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is now the Defense Coordinating Officer for FEMA Region 7 in Kansas City, MO.