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Eagle Pride Showcase

The Eagle Pride Showcase is a recognition of you—the people who proudly represent the Eagle Scout rank—and the National Eagle Scout Association.

This page celebrates your commitment to furthering the mission of Scouting in your families, communities, and in the workplace. As a NESA member, we invite you to share notable moments in your distinguished representation of Eagle Scouts and the best of Scouting. Submit stories of things like:

  • Military service
  • Academic achievement
  • Civic/professional honors
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Notable Scouting activities like courts of honor
  • Scouting/Eagle family legacies

—or anything else you believe your Scouting community would find inspiring.

The journey of an Eagle Scout does not end once the rank is earned. You are the reason the rank of Eagle Scout is revered around the world. Let’s spread the word.

What is the Eagle Pride Showcase? What is the Eagle Pride Showcase?
Matl Family
L-R: Matthew Matl (2010), James Matt (2012), David Mail (2022), and Anthony Matt (2019).
The Matl family has recently added a fourth Eagle Scout.
Sam Meyer
Sam Meyer (2022)
Sam created a memorial bench for his Eagle Project in honor of his grandfather. His grandfather was the Scoutmaster of Troop 281 in Silver Creek, NE, for nearly 30 years.
Third Generation Eagle Scout
L-R: Matthew (2022) and James Bongiovanni (1984).
Matthew is pictured with his Eagle Scout father, James, holding a shadow box that contains Matthew’s great-grandfather’s Eagle Medal.
Torben Dalstra
Torben Dalstra (1999, Life)
Torben recently passed the CPEN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse) Exam and now is in the Board of Certified Emergency Nurses "High Five" Club. He is the 98th Emergency Nurse to hold all five of the board's professional nursing designations.
100 Eagle Scouts for Troop 31
L-R: Michael Mulligan (2006), Andrew Schalk (2018), Matt Vollmar (2018), Sean Mulligan (2013), Christopher Lott (2018), Daniel Pauk (2019), Jackson Gibbons (2019), Mitchell Steinkuehler (2020), Drew Klingsick (2021), Josh Schumacher (2019), Alex Walker (2022), Padrick Mulligan (2008), Bob Reinneck (1976), Gary Knecht (1971).
A troop and its charted partner, Eden Church, trace their history back to the 1920s. Troop 31 recently decided to celebrate their 100th Eagle Scout, with fourteen Eagle Scouts in attendance.
Duane Martin
Duane Martin (1961)
Duane has returned home, where he earned his Eagle, to volunteer as the charted org rep for two local units. He has served the Missouri VFW State Scouting Team for the past fifteen years.
Germain Family
L-R: David Germain (1961, Life), Kyle Germain (2022, Life), & Michael Germain (1989, Life).
Third-generation Eagle Scout and NESA Life member, Kyle, is joined by his grandfather and father at this Eagle Court of Honor this past October.
Five Eagle Scouts Summit Mount Rainier
Five Eagle Scouts on top of Mount Rainer
L-R: Randall Barnett (1973, Life), Cameron Barnett (2010), Dylan Morris (2010), Mark Morris (1964), & Austin Morris (2013).
Five Eagle Scouts summit Mount Rainier in a five-day ice climbing trek up the Kautz Glazier to the 14,410 elevation. Together, the three sons earned their Eagle Scout in Troop 8 in Asheville, NC.
Col. John G. Benitez
Col. John G. Benitez (1975)
COL Benitez has returned from two recent deployments to the Middle East and from ARNORTH, serving as Chief of Professional Services. He is now working as US Army North Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for Tennessee.

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