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Eagle Pride Showcase

The Eagle Pride Showcase is a recognition of you—the people who proudly represent the Eagle Scout rank—and the National Eagle Scout Association.

This page celebrates your commitment to furthering the mission of Scouting in your families, communities, and in the workplace. As a NESA member, we invite you to share notable moments in your distinguished representation of Eagle Scouts and the best of Scouting. Submit stories of things like:

  • Military service
  • Academic achievement
  • Civic/professional honors
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Notable Scouting activities like courts of honor
  • Scouting/Eagle family legacies

—or anything else you believe your Scouting community would find inspiring.

The journey of an Eagle Scout does not end once the rank is earned. You are the reason the rank of Eagle Scout is revered around the world. Let’s spread the word.

What is the Eagle Pride Showcase? What is the Eagle Pride Showcase?
The Shatynski’s
Back L-R: Matthew Shatynski (2005), Michael Shatynski (1969), Nicholas Shatynski (2022), Joseph Shatynski (1984), William Shatynski (1971), Daniel Shatynski (1971) & Theodore M. Shatynski (2000). Front: Cameron (future Eagle Scout). Not Pictured: Theodore J. Shatynski (1974).
Nicholas is joined by family members at his Eagle Court of Honor. He becomes the eighth Eagle in his family spanning two generations.
Christensen Brothers
L-R: Joseph Christensen (2020) & Michael Christensen (2020).
Joseph and Michael are the first in their family to be Eagle Scouts.
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams (2023).
Caleb is the first person in his family to become an Eagle Scout. The photo was taken at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony in August 2023 at Union Chapel M.B. Church in Huntsville, Alabama.
Dr. Casey Jakubowski
Dr. Casey Jakubowski (1993)
Dr. Casey Jakubowski (1993, Life).
Dr. Casey Jakubowski, an Eagle Scout from GNFC (now Greater Western NY), has recently released his fifth book. With a strong commitment to education, Dr. J is a BSA Alumni Educators board member and dedicates himself to volunteer efforts in conflict management for scouts.
Gone Home: Daniel E. Troy
Daniel E. Troy (1964).
Eagle Scout Daniel, known for his dedication as an educator, mentor, and friend, has concluded his earthly journey from November 12, 1947, to June 29, 2023.
Third Generation Eagle
Thomas (2023).
Thomas is a third-generation Eagle Scout. His older brother, cousin, and uncle are also Eagle Scouts.
An Eagle Scout Dynasty | Bentley Family
L-R: Sergeant Evan Eshelman, USMC (2017, Life), William Bentley (2010, Life), Samuel Bentley (2023, Life), Harrison Owens (2013, Life), Andrew Bentley MD (1981, Life), H. Farrar Bentley (1954, Life), Major General - Christopher Bentley Jr, USA, Retired (1976, Life), Christopher Bentley Jr (2009, Life), Miles Bentley (2012, Life), & Colonel - Stephen Bentley, USA, Retired (1977, Life).
10 Bentley family members come together to celebrate Samuel's achievement. Among them, H. Farrar stands proud as the father of three Eagles and the grandfather of six more, a testament to enduring dedication.
Three Generations of Beard Eagle Scouts
L-R: David Beard (1988), Evan Beard (2023), & Douglas Beard (1962).
Evan Beard, son of David Beard and grandson of Douglas Beard was recently honored at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. This is three generations of Eagle Scouts.
Vincent Mirabella
Vincent Mirabella (2020, Life)
Lifetime NESA member Vincent earns every merit badge before turning eighteen.

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