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Eagle Pride Showcase

The Eagle Pride Showcase is a recognition of you—the people who proudly represent the Eagle Scout rank—and the National Eagle Scout Association.

This page celebrates your commitment to furthering the mission of Scouting in your families, communities, and in the workplace. As a NESA member, we invite you to share notable moments in your distinguished representation of Eagle Scouts and the best of Scouting. Submit stories of things like:

  • Military service
  • Academic achievement
  • Civic/professional honors
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Notable Scouting activities like courts of honor
  • Scouting/Eagle family legacies

—or anything else you believe your Scouting community would find inspiring.

The journey of an Eagle Scout does not end once the rank is earned. You are the reason the rank of Eagle Scout is revered around the world. Let’s spread the word.

What is the Eagle Pride Showcase? What is the Eagle Pride Showcase?
COL Scott Preston
COL Scott Preston
COL Scott Preston (1990, Life).
COL Scott Preston just completed three years commanding the US Army Corps of Engineers - Tulsa District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is now the Defense Coordinating Officer for FEMA Region 7 in Kansas City, MO.
Spratt Family
Spratt Family
L-R: Logan (2022, Life), Christine Spratt, Stephen Spratt( 1986, Life). Photograph by Aaron Kircheis, PineTreePhotos.
NESA Life Member Stephen Spratt and his wife Christine are pleased to welcome and congratulate their son Logan as Katahdin Area Council's newest Eagle Scout and now NESA Life Member!
Roland Baroni
Roland Baroni
Roland Baroni (1994, Life).
Roland Baroni was recently admitted to the partnership of Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he serves as Chief Risk Officer.
Bell & Centracchio Family
Bell Centracchio Family
L-R: Charles Bell Jr. (1959), Zachary Centracchio (2021, Life), Benjamin Centeracchio (2016, Life), Kevin Bell (1992), In Photo: Charles Bell Sr. (1937), Not pictured: Charles Bell Sr. (1937).
Four generations of Eagle Scouts from the Bell/ Centracchio Family.
Daniel & Knox Family
L-R: Kevin Daniel (1987), George Daniel (2022), and John Knox, Jr. (1949).
Three generations of Eagle Scouts from the Atlanta Area Council.
Dr. Mark R. Henderson
Dr. Mark R. Henderson (1972, Legacy, Life).
Dr. Henderson started a new job as a Professor at Texas A&M Dental School. He has served as the lead dentist at the 2013 & 2017 National Jamborees.
Troop 351 Eagle Scouts
From L to R: DJ Strom (2020), Luke Erlandson (2021), Fred Dresher (2021), Zane Schultz(2021), Zeke Schultz(2021), Ethan Newman(2020), Alex Benson(2020), Adam Brown(2020), Stanley Koudjrakor(2020), Alen Wilson (2022), Chase Sachs(2022), Shane McIntosh -2022), Oliver Jones (2022), Luke 'emcee' Demeo (2018).
Troop 351 held an Eagle Court of Honor for 13 Eagle Scouts who earned the rank during the COVID pandemic and were unable to celebrate.
Retired Navy Commander Greg Adinolli
L-R: Craig T. Brown, Ret. Commander Greg Adinolfi (1977, Life)
Eagle Scout and Retired Navy Commander Greg Adinolli Sworn In as Maryland Selective Service Director.
Scout Spirit Alive and Well: Eagle Scouts Flock to Gavin B’s Eagle Court of Honor
Gavin B’s Eagle Court of Honor
(L-R - Back Standing) Josh Davis (1992, Troop 1776), Don Ray (1958, Troop 60, NOESA 2014, NESA Member), Edward Basar (1956, Troop 263, NOESA 2013, Life Member), Michael Sulgrove (1971, Troop 339, NOESA 2014, Lifembr), Gavin B. (2022, Troop 846, LifeMbr), Dennis Schlemmer (1995, Troop 842), Matthew Grimble (2017, Troop 802), Michael Bristol (2021, Troop 1147), Michael Jedinak - Eagle Scout Alumni of Michigan, Great Lakes Division Chair (2001, Troop 566, Member), Jeff Campbell (1992, Troop 1629, NOESA 2017, LifeMbr), Bill Kamman (1991, Troop 273, NOESA 2021), Michael Osvath (1980, Troop 1381), Dennis Pate (1968, Troop 792, NOESA 2021, LifeMbr); (L-R Front Kneeling) Ethan Rein (1999, Troop 1147, LifeMbr), Steven Dudas (1989, Troop 158), Denver Laabs - Staff Adviser, Eagle Scout Alumni of Michigan, (2001, Troop 782, LifeMbr), Jay Bottorff, Past NESA Chair Eagle Scouts of Metro Detroit (1988, Troop 630, NOESA 2017, LifeMbr), Don Shepard - Scout Executive - Michigan Crossroads Council (1987, Troop 17, LifeMbr) David Oakley (1981, Troop 1051, NOESA 2017, LifeMbr) Not Pictured: Charles Williams (1968, Troop 186, NOESA 2016)- Photo by Paige Bottorf
Troop 846 recently celebrated their latest Eagle Scout, Gavin B, with 19 Eagle Scouts participating.

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